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  1. DROID

    DROID's Ban Appeal

    Sure you do...
  2. DROID

    DROID's Ban Appeal

    My opinion doesn't cause people to be banned. You should act on facts. I will voluntarily remain banned, I don't want to play on a server with staff like this anyway. You just don't like me you know I don't cheat. Close thread. monkey.
  3. DROID

    DROID's Ban Appeal

    Demo does not show any conclusive use of hacks, therefore ban must be lifted. Or is this server guilty until proven innocent?
  4. DROID

    DROID's Ban Appeal

    Your opinion is wrong, and I don't use the same steam account I used in 2007...
  5. DROID

    DROID's Ban Appeal

    Nickname: bot 8 Your PlayerID: 2310346616523640172 Ban type: Permanent Ban reason: Aimbot, you may appeal this ban at iceops.co What happened: I was slaying some noobs, everyone saying I hack, and then I got ban with no proof, no screenshot, no demo, just people saying things about me, I was a pro cod player back in 2007, I play tournaments for optic gaming.. this ban is crazy