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  1. Hi everyone, You may have seen my other posts about something similar. We have a 48 player server and a 10 player dev server for testing. At the minute on our live 48 player server, we have the New Experience mod running which is great. We would also like to implement a prestige system and bots onto our server so that the server always has players on there. On our dev server we currently have the Duffman varient of the New Experience mod which is the one with the menu system where you chose to enter prestige. However we really like the mod that is on the IceOps HC highXP server where Level 56 has the Prestige 1 icon, Level 110 has the Prestige 2 icon and so on up to Prestige 10. Leiizko has sent us over the relevant files for this, however, we cannot get this to work, the server does not boot up. We'd like to offer to pay somebody to help us set this up and get it working and also help with the bots part of our requirements too. If you're interested please let me know we'd like to get this up ASAP. Please let me know Thanks