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  1. keystop

    keystop's Ban Appeal

    Things are good. The connection to the server is working. Thank.
  2. keystop

    keystop's Ban Appeal

    Good day. Yes, everything is exactly as you described. I have a game purchased from Steam. Only she is the English version. I downloaded the hacked Russified version from torrents. In which there is no smoke from the mines. But smoke grenades work. Returned to the official version from Steam. I checked, and indeed with minimal graphics settings, there is smoke from the mines. Can I count on unlocking?
  3. keystop

    no answer

    wrote a request for an illegal ban from the admin (Pacifist). No answer. I fully described the situation. where is the real truth?
  4. keystop

    keystop's Ban Appeal

    Nickname: keystop Your PlayerID: 2310346614464411832 Ban type: Permanent Ban reason: Pacifist What happened: There was a "countdown" card on the list. I do not like her. I became observers. And I was banned that I was supposedly using the "no smoke" cheat. But this cannot be, since in the game I constantly use smoke grenades, and I myself constantly suffer from them. Why exactly on this map there was no smoke from open mines, I cannot say. Smoke grenades work 100%. My game is original. Perhaps the smoke EXACTLY from the mines is not shown, since I have the most MINIMUM graphics settings. I have a rather weak computer (this can be seen in the screenshot of the FPS readings). This can be checked if you set the settings like mine. Please unblock me