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  1. FuTuR3 CaseOpening.com

    FuTuR3's Ban Appeal

    I would never play with cheat guys i love this server so much , its one of the best servers i played on , i cant imagine i'm banned on that server like i love it so much...i didnt had any cheat i dont know how could it be ....
  2. FuTuR3 CaseOpening.com

    FuTuR3's Ban Appeal

    Is this supposed to mean i had a wall hack?
  3. FuTuR3 CaseOpening.com

    FuTuR3's Ban Appeal

    Nickname: kikoboss Your PlayerID: 2310346614722041813 Ban type: Permanent Ban reason: Multi-Hack What happened: one day i was playing normally like other days and in one moment i got banned , i dont got any hack i swear to my family i was playing normally i love this server and i dont have any hack, please ....
  4. FuTuR3 CaseOpening.com


    Guys i play on this server since 2017 ,but now i am pernament banned because of multi-hacking but i swear i dont have any hacks on the server i love playing its my favorite server ,can anyone please do something i want to play again ....