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  1. prokill

    Obscurity server

    ty arj
  2. prokill

    Obscurity server

    Hello guys, each time when we start a round a guys nammed Khio shots anytime so i cannot hear the noise of obs so cannot kill them so i tk (team kill it) and said 3 time stop shooting and he say kick me ban me for tk anytime the same think so can you warn it ? pls ?? that become shit...
  3. prokill

    PC game list

    Archlord Need For speed Saint Row Crysis 1 Crysis 2 Crysis 3 (in not much time )
  4. prokill

    Server Obs show wh drake

    no that not is really name but that was in this sence F2P drake . . .
  5. prokill

    Server Obs show wh drake

    uh ??? why you post that lol.... that a topics for hack WH not for video...
  6. prokill

    Server Obs show wh drake

    i will try to upload it..... i really want he got ban for wh ... uh question wherei can apply for your clan ? xD
  7. prokill

    Server Obs show wh drake

    Hello all i record a guys named Drake ... (cannot remember all part of is name) sorry i cannot post the video