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  1. FATAR

    CoD4 1.7a custom server issues

    Try set sv_showasranked "1" Instead of seta sv_showasranked 1. Also, there's no use of this dvar in 1.7a +set dedicated 2
  2. You're using an outdated version of GR plugin. Get the latest one from Ninja.
  3. B3/parsers/cod4.py (not cod4.pyc) Change line 80 from this (?P[0-9a-f]+) to this (?P[a-zA-Z0-9_-]+) If you're using PB and the PB plugin you'll have to fix the regex in multiple parsers.
  4. FATAR

    color name in cod4x

    Ninja removed colored names from COD4 X. Afaik there's no such plugin ATM.
  5. set sv_showasranked 1 ^This cvar sets the server as "RANKED". By ranked it means the server is not running any mods. So if you set this to "1" there's no need of changing client side filters (mods=all/yes.) even if you're running a mod.
  6. COD4 X already has a workaround for this set sv_showasranked 1
  7. Use this if you're using iptables. iptables -A INPUT -p udp --dport 20800 -j ACCEPT iptables -A INPUT -p udp --dport 20810 -j ACCEPT
  8. FATAR

    Need help to start windows Cod4x Server

    What language is this? "On Windows for linux"? U high bro?
  9. How long has the server been up? COD4 Master server usually don't register servers which are up for a short period of time. I think you should let the server run for some time and see if it shows up. Also make sure these ports are not firewalled. UDP 20800 UDP 20810
  10. FATAR

    want antiblock for cod4

    Gameranger plugin isn't free. Obtain a sub from voltron.
  11. FATAR

    CoD 4 Server Help (Linux)

    You have to install 32 bit libraries (ia32-libs) or else COD4 X won't run in 64 bit.
  12. FATAR

    want antiblock for cod4

    No there isn't. Most people host their servers on linux. I doubt there'll be a windows version
  13. FATAR

    Red Orchestra 2 - Expired

    Got it, Thanks!
  14. If you have b3 in your server you can add the q3login plugin..
  15. FATAR

    manu admin mod COD4 not work in any mods

    I think manuadmin isn't compatible with cod4 X...u better ask in their site/forums..