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  1. mika

    Rule Enforcement

    http://i.imgur.com/soy0NBg.jpg - Me "flaming" people when asking after admin. Using reasonable arguments = flaming according to your logic. Sadly didn't take any screens of log because I thought I only needed playerlist. This was the language used before second kick. I asked you 2-3 times to identify yourself using such language. I did this because several people had been smitten by a mod before my kick. I agree that the first kick was perfectly reasonable and I deserved it. However, me asking an admin who constantly was smiting people to identify himself is not unreasonable, especially when such language is used. Let me remind you that a random guy was (insta) smitten because he accidentally shot up a claymored car (mine) who apologized before the being smitten. I usually love mods that enforce rules against griefing (TKs, deliberate tags, destroying lasers, boobytrapped cars) but this was pretty arbitary. In any case, is it too much to ask that a policy is made where mods identify themselves when they start using their admin console? I'm not asking people to give up aliases etc, only that they clearly identify themselves when they take action. I firmly believe that mods will show more due diligence if they have to do it publicly under their own name.
  2. mika

    Rule Enforcement

    Hi, Mika/Varatesh here. A few days ago in the obscurity server we had a moderator smiting and kicking people for various offences without really giving a warning. He constantly refused to identify himself and used the console to chat, and when I questioned him on enforcing rules without identifying himself he kicked me. I had been kicked previously for saying the word "fuck" but I watched my language when I asked him to ID himself. The moderator being really arbitary that night. He did arbitary stuff like smiting a random guy for blowing up my car bomb (insta smite on hearsay). Now, usually I'd be ecstatic at mods enforcing anti-griefing rules but this was truly an accident and the person apologized. Later on he had a tendency to smite people for accidental TKs, seems excessive but probably in the rules. This is all done without identifying himself after enforcing the rules. Eventually I got kicked for swearing, come back ask him to ID himself, he dodges the question by linking to iceops.in through console and kicks me again (Believe i was obs when he did so, yay). This isn't the first time I've seen mods here enforce rules in an arbitary fashion without identifying themselves. I admit, kicking me for swearing was perfectly legit but I question the second kick and the various smitings. Shouldn't moderators publicly identify themselves when enforcing the rules? To me it seems like a system ripe for abuse if moderators aren't identifying themselves when using their powers. It's not exactly encouraging to write complaints or chat with admins when you don't know who to complain about. Since this isn't a complaint about any specific moderator or a ban-appeal I'm putting it in this section.