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  1. IceCold

    Harry and bannanan

    1. Player's name: bannanan and harry *2. Player's GUID or UID: af32f17e and 8f59ac3c 3. Server: Obs *4. Approximate time: 14:05 GMT 5. Proof:* Harry is probably that walkingdead guy again, he kept on flashing everyone and team killing. They both wouldn't stop accusing me of hacks just cause I killed obs with knife few times in a row. Screenshot: Please deal with them accordingly, I'm sick of players like that.
  2. IceCold


    Well, during the time I played yesterday when someone said that he will get banned he laughed and said that he can get a different GUID at any time. I would have included more screenshots to show his behaviour but unfortunately my COD crashed when I was saving this first one so.. sorry! But this makes me wonder, why can't we have the IceOps server back to original key only.
  3. IceCold


    Once a cheater always a cheater.
  4. IceCold


    1. Player's name: W4lking)ead 2. Player's GUID or UID: 6c08b474 3. Server: IceOps Obscurity 4. Approximate time: 10:00 GMT 5. Proof: This player has been accusing everyone for hacks, has been generally very rude (even I'm not that rude ) Please deal with this accordingly, thanks.
  5. IceCold

    donno why i was banned wh they said

    Don't you mean "apologies"?
  6. Haven't seen you mention a PSU, do you even have a good one? If I was you I would invest in a good Power Supply now that you have that graphics card..
  7. IceCold

    Website home page design

    Are you still looking for a home page design? I could try and help out with the design only as I'm not a big fan of coding (freaking hate it!), in the past I have only designed one page with html and css and some programms in C++ as part of the task in college and that is it. I could show you few examples of layouts I designed in Photoshop if you are interested.
  8. IceCold

    muMMa BACK

    1. Player's name: muMMa BACK 2. Player's GUID or UID: c42d958c 3. Server: IceOps Obscurity 4. Approximate time: 21:30 5. Proof: Also, this player claimed that he has already been banned 3 times from this server.
  9. IceCold


    1. Player's name: Bobeq *2. Player's GUID or UID: 08acb019 3. Server: Obs *4. Approximate time: 18:20 14-Jun-14 5. Proof:*
  10. IceCold

    |EPG|wild cat

    The reason why I record with Xfire is that I am unable to save the demos. I had this issue before, my mods folder is pretty much empty and the demos just don't save.
  11. IceCold

    |EPG|wild cat

    1. Player's name: |EPG|wild cat *2. Player's GUID or UID: a5327861 3. Server: Obscurity *4. Approximate time: 12:30 14-Jun-145. Proof:* These videos are of player "|EPG|wild cat" playing both, as human and obs. As for a new player he is doing very, very well with that sniper, don't you think? Please consider that he doesn't even know what he is doing when playing as Obs which to me means one thing - he hacks. I hope the dark recording doesn't put you off either and that this proof is enough. Apologies for low quality of the video and no sound. I don't know how to upload in hiher quality and the sound has never worked for me when recording from xfire. Enjoy.
  12. IceCold

    Team banner, logo, ect....
  13. IceCold

    Team banner, logo, ect.... Feel free to do whatever you want with it
  14. IceCold

    Team banner, logo, ect....

    The circle with text "ice" inside is a symbol that can represent the clan.