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  1. panagelos


    i want to be admin in IceOps - Team Hardcore: IP: .Every day is full of cheaters.I want to be only Team Hardcore: Send me pm.
  2. panagelos

    unban ?

  3. panagelos

    unban ?

    iam baned for 30 days and none warning me. (sory for my english is very bad)
  4. panagelos

    unban ?

    i am not cheater
  5. panagelos

    unban ?

    1. Your nickname: ++panagelos++ 2. Server you got banned on: 3. Your UID (will show up when you try joining the server): 57138 4. Admin UID (will show up when you try joining the server):106 5. Ban reason (bans for cheating will NOT get lifted): bad language 6. Short information about what happened (what you did and what you did not, remember all of this can be verified in the server logs):i sad in MY friend ++vrikolakas++ : "anal sex" for fun.