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  1. Note_2

    GameRanger Plugin (Cod4x 1.7a)

    i waited for 2 weeks a little bit more again ?
  2. Hello Guyz . I waited for 2 months exactly for buying gameranger plugin !! everyone said that Voltron is selling it . I talked with voltron for some reasons that i can't pay and he said ok i'll talk with Ninja. from 2 months ago till now i didn't give any response . is this really fair ? and right now that i can pay with credit card by the internet Voltron is not coming online what should i do ?
  3. Ok man I'm waiting for u .. ok . thanks
  4. thx for ur answer . do you mean that i should pay for it ? If yes then how much it cost ? If no Then what to do ?
  5. Yes , i think that's sth like this . but i want to know how can i solve it . If by upgrading the plugin , then ok . so give me the download link . If by downgrading plugin handler , then ok . so how ?
  6. Hello Guys . Today i tried to run a Cod4x 1.7a server (On GameRanger) on a Windows Server ! (Windows server 2003) then i used the files that realated to this work . and after all i got a problem . the server runned just on IP but not on GameRanger !! I took an screen shot from my error . I don't know really what's the problem . (I think it's just saying that i should downgrade my server's plugin handler !! but how ?! ) Can you help me guys ?