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  1. Could you add a way to change fovscale to 1. I personally really hate playing with a higher fovscale and would appreciate it if I had the option to change it back.
  2. Sheep_Wizard

    Modified deathrun "Idea"

    I had this idea a while back, was going to make it in the style of temple run the iphone game, but there are a few things wrong with it: Firstly is the acti is afk if will be boring, or if players are afk it giving the acti a unfair amount of xp If you are having a obstical course you have to make sure the acti can do it without dieing Then you have to make sure it is balanced which is hard when players has different skill level.
  3. Sheep_Wizard

    [WIP] mp_deathrun_village

    Just in case you haven't seen on moddb here are some serious issues with your map: Lots of randomly placed prefabs doesn't looks good. Random rain effect in the middle of map doesn't really make much sense, should continue it throughout the map. Most of the traps don't make much sense, try give some meaning to them. Once you get out of the 'village' area you have just used a bunch of brushs which doesn't look good. You rooms need reflection probes as they are red. As far as i could tell you cant re-enter a rooms? You forgot to comment out deleting the other room triggers so you can enter all the other rooms whenever. I would suggest try making a dr map with just floating brushes so you can get an idea of how to make good traps, then move on to adding detail.
  4. Sheep_Wizard


    -Fixed bugs -Removed fov changer -Improved endrooms Fixed, can now download Hi, this is my new map spacetunnel. This is my first attempt of doing a small easy map. Hope you enjoy Author of map: Sheep Wizard Map name: mp_dr_spacetunnel Map size: short Traps: 7 End rooms:Sniper, Knife Difficulty: easy Download:!9RcyUTbL!DV3LmNEixSk5-xsWRRj9Hlvn0qP4doScIR46iA-RigI Screens: Other info: Thanks to FeZe Dench (Rickster) for letting me use his server to test map and the people who helped test the map Please report any bugs to me here of msg me on xfire: paap15
  5. Hi on your server the version of antichamber you have has a bug, if you want to update here is a link
  6. Sheep_Wizard

    No iwd files found in /main?

    No i get error saying 'the system can not find specific path', but don't worry about it i was just trying to make a server cause i was bored, probably wasn't going to use it.
  7. Sheep_Wizard

    No iwd files found in /main?

    Don't think so? I haven't insulted anyone about it.
  8. Sheep_Wizard

    No iwd files found in /main?

    yup i have them all, there my main folder
  9. Sheep_Wizard

    No iwd files found in /main?

    This is the directory my iw3mp is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Call of Duty 4\iw3mp.exe and this is what i have in my .bat file "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Call of Duty 4\iw3mp.exe" +set dedicated 2 +set sv_punkbuster 1 +map_rotate Can you see anything wrong?
  10. Sheep_Wizard

    No iwd files found in /main?

    Hey i was trying to create a server but whenever i run it i get this box coming up Then whether i press yes or no i get this coming up It would be really great if someone could help, Thank you
  11. Sheep_Wizard


    Hey this is my new map islands. With this map i decided to attempt doing some detail as people have suggested it in the past. I made a good stab at it and i don't think it is too bad. Please let me know what you think Author of map: Sheep Wizard Map name: mp_deathrun_islands Map size: Long Traps: 11 End rooms:Sniper, Knife, Bounce, Old, Ice Skating Difficulty: Hard Download: Download Screens: (Please dont judge map on these images i'm not a good photographer) Other info:Thanks to Darmuh who helped my with the L96. Thanks to VC' Blade for helping with HUD and effects. Thanks to FeZe Dench (Rickster) for letting me use his server to test map Please report any bugs to me here of msg me on xfire: paap15