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Boosted's Ban Appeal

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  • Nickname:
    not boosted
  • Your PlayerID:
  • Ban type:
  • Ban reason:
    ele bot
  • What happened:
    Sorry for using ele bot, i was not aware that i was violating server rules. i was using it to get to top strike to hit the bounce, i was not hogging the spot for kills. hopefully i can be unbanned as i was enjoying my time on the server. This wont happen again.

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Dear @Boosted,


Thank you for making a Ban Appeal, However due to the fact that you were using an Elebot- Which is considered a hack as it's a program from outside of COD4, and can be found on Cheating Websites, and thus needs an injector to be used you will not be getting unbanned. Even though you were only using it to do a bounce you should've thought twice about using this type of hack and should've used it on a private server that you created instead.


Demo is down below if needing to see.


Appeal Denied


-IceOps Staff


Rename the File to 'not boosted.dm_1' for above

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