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Dear IceOps

I've been banned few days ago, becouse somekind of "No recoil - Ninja"

Me and my friends have been played on you server for two years, and we din't ever cheat. Neither do i now.

My nickname is LwG-Klau if my girlfriend play, and LwG-Zolee is i play. The server is "IceOps-Team High xp x6 Softcore Mixed". My UID: 8818. Admin UID: 0. Reason is: No Recoil - Ninja. The length is permanent.

I've playes with you guys, you know i'm legit. When i've get ban, i was in the buttom of the statboard, it was night here, i was shooting to a faar enemy, and i gat ban.

Please do someting.

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