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  1. KakashiOfKonoha

    Deathrun 1.3 [Cooldown]

    Yeah IceOps is
  2. KakashiOfKonoha

    Deathrun 1.3 [Cooldown]

    Good luck and I hope that its awesome
  3. KakashiOfKonoha

    Deathrun Server

    Thats great
  4. KakashiOfKonoha

    Deathrun Server

    Probably cause everyone loved the IceOps server c:.
  5. KakashiOfKonoha

    Report for LegitFTL

    Lol Kie xD
  6. KakashiOfKonoha

    Ice Ops 1.3 Deathrun server is open. (test)

    c: Just fix the fovscale and it will be so much better c:
  7. KakashiOfKonoha

    Error message

    I also dont have any antivirus in my Pc...
  8. KakashiOfKonoha

    Andrew's Tempban

  9. KakashiOfKonoha

    I caught a pokemon

    But we have a limited number of pokeballs to catch the other player
  10. KakashiOfKonoha

    I caught a pokemon

    GG owo
  11. KakashiOfKonoha


    Wow n1 dude so pro xD
  12. KakashiOfKonoha


    Congratz Aquiz and Fisher
  13. KakashiOfKonoha

    Clan Leader

    Congratz Lookout
  14. KakashiOfKonoha

    Improvements on the dr server

    @Pu Already a topic is made about this but u still got dis xD
  15. KakashiOfKonoha


    OMG 1 msg per 3 seconds i type 1 sentence in 3 messages....
  16. KakashiOfKonoha


    So there can be a lot of advertisement as some people like to advertise which causes spam and other stuff. I used to play in a SA-MP server where whenever someone typed any IP it changed to the servers IP they are on. This could really stop advertising.
  17. KakashiOfKonoha

    This is yellow

    Cant do it correctly...
  18. KakashiOfKonoha


    Spam is in every server xD
  19. KakashiOfKonoha


    Lol WTF?
  20. KakashiOfKonoha


    Nevermind i asked a stupid question...
  21. KakashiOfKonoha


    Getting the player id is really difficult sometime..
  22. KakashiOfKonoha


    Probably xD
  23. KakashiOfKonoha

    Report for Faharen

    Yea we all are pretty sure he uses a controller because he understands the chat.
  24. KakashiOfKonoha

    Playing deathrun offline for speedruns

    But if u are trying to do krispy challenge i think his dr jumpers speed is 1.2 and if u want to do maps for iceops server then use 1.05 @aEoNNzR-