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  1. Aurel004

    Deathrun 1.3 [Cooldown]

    Please fix the no weapon problem (When we pick one in Settings, we don't have any at spawn). I can't run with a knife and it's boring to random jump on platforms like the first on Semtex Thanks
  2. Aurel004

    Deathrun Server

    If he only plays deathrun, it is useless for him to be a mod anyway
  3. Aurel004


    Until it doesn't look like xM deathrun, it's okay They just have to optimize more b3
  4. Aurel004


    Yeah, do you think I find this great to lose my powers on deathrun after 1 month becoming mod ? I would apply on 4x3 maybe later but for now, let's just say the truth, iceops deathrun is almost dead
  5. Aurel004


    Dr is almost dead on iceops Go on 4x3 clan website!
  6. Aurel004

    Ban appeal for nugget

    To others : His name was [M]-Heydeez' Banned by @Mc.Joker
  7. Aurel004

    Report for ELSWORD <3

    Banned 1 day, thanks for the report
  8. Aurel004

    Ban appeal for iAMtheGREATEST

    It's the second time, maybe you didn't see the first time, but it was a 1 day ban (September 2nd 23h28) You did elevator multiple times and you know it is not allowed
  9. Aurel004

    Ice Ops 1.3 Deathrun server is open. (test)

    There are still a lot of bugs, that's why it's not opened
  10. Aurel004

    Report for Player Deadshoot

    Yes, chat blocked 1 day. About the glitch, I do not play obscurity so I would let other admins to tempban him if needed Thanks
  11. Aurel004

    Report for Player Deadshoot

    Upload them on a image hoster or use Gyazo
  12. Aurel004

    Report for Player Deadshoot

    #FasterThanAquiz The image quality is reeeeally bad, we can't ready anything
  13. Aurel004

    Report for Domin

    He was in game, that's why
  14. Aurel004

    Report for Domin

    @Aquiz too fast for me
  15. Aurel004

    Report for Mr-yung ( IceOps|IsGAY

    [U:1:...] didn't seem to work, he could reconnect again, "hopefully" he was connected so I tookhis playerID Banned 1day, thanks
  16. Aurel004

    Plugin : Bullet cam ?

    I dont know, he mights but I've never spoke with him on it
  17. Hi, As some know, I'm a old deathrun player (but still not that good lol), and 2 years ago, Wingzor and I worked on an idea I had : a bullet cam (Like Sniper Elite if I'm correct) Wingzor worked on coding/modding and as I'm not good at it, I was the tester. We tried to slow down the time, but it made crash the server the next round. But anyway, I launched my proper server (just to train in secrets) and this plugin was on so I wanted to share how it looks like, because I find it very cool. We did some little trickshot with killer aka @6eRe just look the full video (The plugin was not finished but works well) Full HD 60Fps 28Mbps What do you guys think about it ?
  18. Aurel004

    Plugin : Bullet cam ?

    Wingzor told me he still plays sometimes but I never saw him. I know he's doing a map (he send me pic of a dragonball character he's working on) but I only speak with him on whatsapp, so..
  19. Aurel004

    Error message

    Any powers are down for the moment, even for admins, so just wait
  20. Aurel004

    Mod Soundpacks & Video Editing

    Weird Try this!6U0iHZTK!gYI_Jn0HlKQswowYS6jZgk9ZUnSPs95XeSh5CSlwP6M The sounds are different for each map ? Cauz in the mod, there is only 1 song
  21. Aurel004

    Report for ^5manoskouk1

    Banned 12h. Thanks for the report
  22. Aurel004

    Mod Soundpacks & Video Editing It's the song you are looking for?
  23. Aurel004

    Mod Soundpacks & Video Editing

    That's a simple slow mo, I thought he spoke about speed x1 to like x0.25 smoothly
  24. Aurel004

    Mod Soundpacks & Video Editing

    Found 1 music in the files, might be it ? I use Vegas pro too, if needed, I can help (I'm not a pro editor at all) and idk how to slowly fast a video
  25. Aurel004

    Report for [Fear] star & Anonymous :D

    5d anony 2d star