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  1. TeyZ

    Report for -.- : Tk

    Hi, This guy tked 3 times in raw before quit (11:24 pm 25/09), i told him to stop he didn't answered, without any reason just to make him laugh I guess... Maybe just warm him idk but pls do something Thank you T
  2. TeyZ

    Report for Andrew on Obscurity serv

    and when i say "stop it" or "i will report you" they say this
  3. Andrew is cuting me to let me free for obs, and it is the 2nd time he does it (the 2nd is here with the screenshot and he did it at 02:44 AM) I can't move and then obs is coming to kill me........ Do something please he doesn't answers me when i ask him why he does it....... Thank you
  4. TeyZ

    Ban appeal for TeyZ

    Seriously, I'm here for a bit more than 1 month it's true but I don't play much, if you can just check my playtime you'll see... And I don't remember that you warned me man, you maybe said "don't give infos" but never someone said me that I'll be muted for 1 week. 1 Week without a real warn is a bit high I think... And please don't wait 3 days to do this, and when you kick send a message to explain........ Bye
  5. TeyZ

    Ban appeal for TeyZ

    You should ban DAILY TKERS YES !!
  6. TeyZ

    Ban appeal for TeyZ

    I'm playing on your server for 1 month and nobody said me that If i say this i will be muted for 1 WEEK !! I'm sorry but I call this abusing !
  7. TeyZ

    Ban appeal for TeyZ

    A simpler ban ? 1 week muted bcs i said "ghost" ?? Serious... Maybe do a warning before no ?? Just thank you man I can't talk with friends and I don't have their skype..... Bye
  8. TeyZ

    Ban appeal for TeyZ

    But when you do something, pls send a message to explain
  9. TeyZ

    Ban appeal for TeyZ

    3 days ago and you ban me just now.... Thank you man....
  10. TeyZ

    Ban appeal for TeyZ

    Nickname: TeyZ Server you got banned on: IceOps Obscurity Your UID/GUID: idk Admin UID/GUID: Pvt.Drake Ban reason: "please reconnect" Ban length: 1sec What happend: I did nothing, i was playing and i have been kicked. WHen reconnect, i'm muted and i can't say help ........... Idk if they know that i'm muted please help me i'm muted without limit maybe.....