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  1. John Yuki

    Server updates

    Well then maybe everyone should do their part and ensure that the server is full more often
  2. John Yuki

    Server updates

    The point of this is that they are the smallest maps by a long way. There aren't really any other small maps. When the server population is low, playing on larger maps is boring as hell because there is such little action.
  3. The lagspikes were definitely there. It was more predominant on the TDM server, but it also happened on the FFA server. I've never noticed it on the SC TDM or Rozo servers. It seems to be much better now though that Leiizko reset it. It just completely lags everyone out for a couple seconds before continuing. Sometimes it didn't happen for like 5 or 6 games, and other times it would happen at least once a game.
  4. WOOOOOO Thank you! Best changes in a while, thanks for listening!
  5. Small ( < 9 ): Shipment Killhouse Showdown Medium ( 9-16 ): Ambush Backlot Bloc Bog Broadcast Countdown Crash Crossfire District Downpour Overgrown Pipeline Showdown Strike Vacant Wet Work Large ( > 16 ): Ambush Backlot Bloc Chinatown Crash Creek Crossfire Overgrown Wet Work
  6. I want to win games because I want to increase my trueskill rating. It's currently the highest in the server at the moment, and I want to keep it that way. When I lose games because of poor team balance, my rating goes down. This is why losing is so frustrating. If you make the rankings about personal KDA, it stops being about winning, and starts being about your own personal performance. So even if I go 100-15 but still lose, then it doesn't matter, because my KDA is the same whether I won or lost. Also, having the rankings leaderboard displayed somewhere would be great, because currently there is absolutely no way to see a leaderboard for it.
  7. Good start. I would still really like to see a more arcadey gamemode though so that people can just goand have some relaxing fun without essentially playing the base gamemodes. As I said something like Gun Game or a 24/7 server. It'll help with the issue of IceOps dying during European night time. I understand that, but that little donation goal bar has been static for literally like a year now, just sat at $465 or whatever it is. I'd like to see more people donating, and will donate myself when I get back to Uni and have money, so that server upgrades can be done and more servers added. Okay perfect. Once testing is done, will it be changed to the HC TDM settings so we can fly around the map? Discord bot would be fantastic. I could honestly create it myself if I had access to the chat stream from in-game. I know Python fairly well and have created loads bots in the past for Reddit, so Discord won't be too different. At least that would take some of the workload off you. They need constant maintenance though. If a hacker gets on there they need to get wiped asap, and now just wiping every single leaderboard, as that is just unfair on people who got on there legit. KDA > Trueskill. It would definitely make people focus a lot more on their own stats which is ideal for TDM. It shows "farm" instead of Downpour, and "cargoship" instead of Wetwork. Here is a screenshot: I know those were the pre-release names for the maps, but yeah, definitely should be changed to their post-release names. If it happens again I'll record it and send it to you. This won't be an issue if players are ranked on the server by KDA (with a minimum of like 500,000 total score or something, to avoid hackers). Only reason I hate the team balance at the moment is because players are ranked by Trueskill. Replace TS with KDA and it's two birds with one stone.
  8. Yes, but I'm not wrong. I've wanted actual, proper team balancing for a long time now, it's needed. The server has a ranking system that only goes up/down depending on wins and losses, and when people like me actually give a damn about the rankings, then it sucks when the proper care isn't given to the balancing of the teams to ensure that they are fair. It wouldn't be so bad if it was a rare thing that happens, but it happens multiple times a day, and not just to me either. If you want a ranking system on the server that relies only on wins and losses, then make sure the proper care is taken to ensure properly balanced teams. Otherwise, get rid of the ranking system and replace it with something that only takes in to account your solo stats, like KDA. In fairness though if you can't run the server then find someone who can. There are people who love the server to bits, and people like me who can only really play on this server due to poor eyesight (I need fullbright). When you know that you don't have time to run the server but refuse to let someone else take the reigns, even partially, then that's kinda BS.
  9. I know this. I'm hoping that if they don't want to handle the server anymore then they will do the graceful thing and hand it over to someone who will.
  10. I agree, but we can't check it 24/7, especially if whoever decides if these things are going to good ideas actually happen (leiizko?). Not to mention people who think someone is hacking usually don't think to check $pbss because it is a pain for them - typing in command, waiting for upload, going to website, checking screenshot, reporting player. It is easier for the user to just type in a command to summon a moderator. Not only that, but it is easier for moderators too. Rather than having to check 50 screenshots, we can just get summoned and be directly told what player is the hacker. And what would this allow me to do? Force change maps? Or change what maps appear in the voting screen? If it's the former then it kind of removes the point of having map voting at all. If it is the latter then hell yea, that would be great. It would be better to do it dynamically with a bit of code though. This is okay, but not many people really know about it. All the best servers have this stuff available in-game for people to see, rather than making them go to external sites, that honestly aren't even that good. The only thing you can see on there is total score, score per minute, and total time played. Total and Average KDA is a really basic thing that should really be tracked, even the base game has this. Having this would so that people can show off would definitely put us head and shoulders above most other servers - the ones that don't have it.
  11. You're confusing me with someone else. I don't get angry at campers in the slightest - I camp a lot myself. Only time I ever get frustrated is when I go 100-15 but still lose due to god awful team balance leaving me with all the worst players on my team.
  12. Because statistically, players are bound to filter over. Maybe not in droves, but it will 100% be better than having 2 empty servers. Surely you can understand that? What is the point in actually paying money for two servers that literally no one ever plays. It's a total waste of money. We can leave them sitting there doing nothing, or we can expand the empire and actually create servers that people want to play.
  13. Why would they not change anything? It's a fact that a 24/7 Crossfire server with the HC TDM's sprint and gravity settings would be way more popular than the Freeze Tag server. Even if the players don't filter over to the other servers, having a server that actually gets played that isn't the HC TDM server is a net benefit for the server.
  14. The Dead Servers So there are currently two servers that we have that have 0 players at all times - Freeze Tag, and Deathrun. My first suggestion is to get rid of them both, and replace them with different "arcade" gamemodes. The first I would like to suggest is Gun Game. Gun Game is very popular and a lot of people really like it. I think it would work nicely with the settings we have set on the server (jump height, sprint speed, stamina, etc), and would make the server stand out from the rest. The second server could be used up for something like 24/7 crossfire. People love the most popular maps, and if you look down the server list, some of the most popular unmodded servers are 24/7 servers that have the same map over and over. Crossfire is a big enough map that it doesn't become a total clusterfuck. I know people might not like the idea of these two servers, but that is fine. The idea I had behind them was that we use the servers to draw in new players who are browsing the server list, and on these servers an announcement would appear every 5 minutes or so saying "Go to to check out our other servers". If people like these new servers, then chances are their interest will be piqued at the thought of having other similar servers (HC TDM, SC TDM, HC FFA). I think casting a wider net like this would definitely help player counts. VIP Tag Hardly anyone buys the VIP tag. You know why? It's too difficult to find out what perks you get with it and it's also not advertised at all in-game, so most players probably don't even know that there is a VIP tag, let alone what you get for purchasing it. I really think more needs to be done to advertise the fact that we have a VIP tag. Whilst I am on the topic of the VIP tag, I would like to suggest lowering the lifetime cost of it. Currently that is set at $60. I suggest lowering that to around $45. At that rate, only 1 person per month needs to purchase the lifetime VIP tag, which isn't counting the people who only get it for 1 or 2 months. If we replace the dead servers with the servers that I suggested, and we step up the advertisements to get people to come to the website and check the other servers out, then the "donate" button should be called something like "Purchase VIP". I'm not sure if it is called "donate" to get around some kind of tax laws or something, but if so, then something needs to be done to make it stand out more. FFA Server Currently, the FFA server doesn't run on the same settings as the HC TDM server. It is more sluggish, the gravity is set higher, and I think the sprint speed is also slower, as well as lower stamina. I think to keep with the whole "IceOps" branding servers, we should ensure that all servers feel consistent, otherwise when we actually start pushing the whole advertisement thing, people will go on to the FFA Server and be let down when it feels completely different. Lack Of Moderation As far as I am aware, I am the only moderator that actually plays the HC TDM server regularly. Too often people have to come here to post screenshots of hackers, which sometimes take like 30+ minutes to be seen and dealt with. If the hacker stays there long enough without being banned, this drives players away and makes them leave, possibly not coming back. More moderators need to be hired. I have some suggestions for who those could be but I'd rather not state them publicly. I think the server would also benefit from an $admin command that gets bounced to our personal Discord accounts or something, or maybe the Discord server that we have. It would let us respond much faster to reports and get rid of hackers ASAP. Leaderboards There are too many hackers on the leaderboards. They really need to get removed so that legitimate scores can get on there. Trueskill Honestly, trueskill rating sucks balls. It's not an accurate representation of skill, and a lot of people actually have their scores stuck for some reason. I think Milad has his score stuck at like 24, and other good players have their scores stuck at even less than that. I think it should just be replaced by all-time K/D/A, followed by an average KDA rounded to 2 decimal places. It would be a much more accurate representation of individual skill. Map Rotation & Voting The map rotation sucks. I mentioned this a while back. When the server is empty and only 4-6 people are playing it, it's awful when maps like Broadcast get selected because the action is spread too far apart. We need to have dynamic map pools, so that when the server is empty, only the smallest maps are enabled, and when we are full, only the largest maps are enabled. Creek would be a great map for when the server is full, but for some reason that isn't in the rotation. Also, the map names really need to be changed. A lot of people pick garbage maps that barely anyone likes suck as Downpour ("Farm"), because they think it's some kind of new map. A lot of the maps don't have their proper name, so more popular maps like Ambush ("Convoy") don't get played. And now for the map voting. Currently when maps are tied during voting, the one that is highest on the list gets chosen. This is stupid. It should choose randomly. Also, there is no way to go "up" the list, only down it. So if I accidentally go past the map I wanted to vote for, I have to scroll through the whole list again. This sometimes isn't possible when there isn't much time left, leading me to vote for a map I didn't want to actually vote for. We should be able to Right Click to move up the list. Global Server Lag The server lags a lot. Even when the server is empty, it will lag. It's as if the server is buffering or something. It makes everyone lag for like 2-3 seconds before continuing. Sometimes it does this up to 3 times in a game. This is enough to drive people away and get annoyed, especially if it costs them their life. I don't know what causes it, but it should definitely be looked in to.
  15. John Yuki

    Bugs and QoL changes across the servers

    Well I can definitely help out with videos and stuff. I feel like I'm a good enough player for the gameplay to be interesting, and I also have a more than good enough computer to be able to Stream and whatnot. If it's something that Leiizko, Aquiz, and Ninja are willing to actually push and make an effort with then I'm down for helping out with the stuff I can. I'd like to see more people on too, as for 3/4 of the time I am awake (I am nocturnal more or less) no one is on the server.