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  1. Alles Toys

    got banned ?

    Thanks alot fellas looking forward to see u ingame
  2. Alles Toys

    got banned ?

    Well Thanks alot @Behemoth. So why are there no demos you recorded if that is the case.
  3. Alles Toys

    got banned ?

    So i just watched the demos and all i can say if i would be cheating i would be more consisten and not on every other shot.. i cant explain it either the district shots with "no recoil" didnt look like that on my end, the shot at def spawn through the wood is one i rember. For the roccat accusations goes the same if i would have use such a programm it would not be that inconsisten there are clearly shots i misse that would have hit with it. Also i dont see the shots where i should not have hit except for some on showdown Why would i start cheating now i have been playing here for almost 2 and a half years on and off.
  4. Alles Toys

    got banned ?

    So i appereantly i just got banned 4 roccat no recoil and multi hack... i have been playing since rlease and i dont cheat i never have, and dont know why i should start now. would love to see the evidence... ID:2310346616810090872 Admin id is 0. Greetings Flex