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    No, you're 100% correct here, however, it allows those that play on different platforms to be able to play with each other. I've personally done it myself as some of my friends are PC exclusive, and in a way, it allows you to improve (as a console player)
  2. Kienio


    If you link your ps4 account to your epic games account, ps4 and pc players can play together PC is easier for Solo imo
  3. Kienio

    IceOps Reborn

    It's been a good 2 years, apologies for being reasonably inactive, but there's nothing I can do about it with education and all that. I've tried my best to represent the clan as much as possible when in-game, and have enjoyed my time here. Thank you for the opportunity.
  4. Kienio

    Head Members Group

  5. Kienio

    Cod4 Deathrun

    You either tried to play by yourself on your own server using the mod or You haven't played on this server since the server returned (stat reset included). Either way though, level 10 isn't that high and it won't take that long to get back. I believe the only way you can change your rank is by donating and receiving the VIP menu to give yourself xp. (correct me if I'm wrong)
  6. Kienio

    Demotion MinQkel

    Farewell MinQ, hope all goes well for you!
  7. Kienio

    New rules please

    It's hardcore, you die from one shot with a pistol across the map. You just need to find other ways of killing them. If they camp, why don't you camp too? Same with the grenade launcher, if it annoys you, use it yourself.
  8. Kienio

    Life Is Strange

    It's a great game imo, paid £15 for the bad boy
  9. Kienio

    CoD MW Remaster

    I'm the opposite Not a fan of IW, but mwr is fun
  10. Kienio

    CoD MW Remaster

    It's not the best optimised, I'm not running it on max but I tend to bump into a lot of frame drops with a 970
  11. Kienio

    CoD MW Remaster

    I bought it for £45, but it's like £60
  12. Kienio


    Played it, but still prefer playing Overwatch This game isn't as fun imo
  13. Kienio

    Pokemon Sun or Moon?

    Moon - Midnight forms > midday forms
  14. Kienio

    Dayz Standalone

    standalone has been in early access for what, 3 years now? According to the reviews, they haven't really made much progress on updating the game. I own the game, but I haven't played it that much. Last time I played was like last year or something. I would say that arma 2 dayz is better and probably always will be at this rate.
  15. Kienio

    Free to play Paragon

    I downloaded it when it was first released not too long ago, but I deleted it before playing it because i'm that type of nub. I'm not a big fan of MOBAs
  16. Kienio

    Who has Overwatch :)!? Looks like you paid extra
  17. Kienio

    Who has Overwatch :)!?

    Click on this, it should show you the standard edition too
  18. Kienio

    Who has Overwatch :)!?

    60? The standard edition is £30, which is like 35€. Are you sure you're not just looking at the origins edition which comes with a bunch of useless things?
  19. Kienio

    Deathrun Server

    Well, 4x3 and iceops are teamed up so I don't see why that would be a problem. Moderators are able to apply for 4x3 and will have a higher chance in becoming a moderator because of previous moderation on iceops servers. And again, what makes 4x3 not enjoyable? And what Fisher mentioned, there was meant to be 2 servers, however, I'm not sure what's happenin with that as of now.
  20. Kienio

    Deathrun Server

    You're literally just saying that if IceOps renamed themselves to something else, you wouldn't play it anymore. But that's your choice anyways, nobody is forcing you to play on 4x3, it's just silly that you're refusing to play on another server because it's under a different name.
  21. Kienio

    Deathrun Server

    It's nice to see that this has been announced. I've noticed quite a few people complain about how the iceops server was much better than the current 4x3 server, however, i'm not too sure why since the only real change is b3. Also, the 4x3 accepts suggestions, so you can always say what you don't like about the server and suggest some changes.
  22. Kienio

    Overwatch Zenyatta

    That final image is sick
  23. Kienio

    Report for LegitFTL

    Temp banned for 4 days, thank you for the report. edit: 700th post
  24. Kienio

    Report for [Fear] star & Anonymous :D

    Both banned. Thanks for the report!
  25. Kienio

    Error message

    Just uninstall any antivirus and be hardcore