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Patrus's Ban Appeal

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  • Nickname:
    Patrus or P A T R U S
  • Your PlayerID:
  • Ban type:
  • Ban reason:
    use of skins
  • What happened:
    I had a break from playing im trying to join server and i see the statement that im permanently banned for using skins (didn't know using skins is not allowed)
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@Patrus Thanks for your Appeal-


This is why you were banned:




As you can see the enemy is almost bright green and very easy to see against the wall, Weapon Skins are allowed but player skins like this or any color including but not limited to are Red, Blue, Orange, etc. For their Heads/Body parts.


Since you've appealed we will unban you but keep in mind that this is your only chance of being unbanned and if caught with skins like these again the next ban will stay.



-IceOps Staff

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