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Extra-Large Gun Man

Extra-Large Gun Man's Ban Appeal

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  • Ban reason:
    red dot/crosshair
  • What happened:
    I use hudsight for bf4 cause it's allowed there, so I guess at some point I accidentally had it on for cod4 without noticing. IceOps is the only server I enjoy on this game, and this game really helps me chill out, so if I get this ban appealed I'd be very grateful. In the future I'll double check my task manager to make sure hudsight isn't running in the background. Thanks.

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Dear @Extra-Large Gun Man,


Thank you for making an Appeal, as you already know the reason behind the ban and that you're willing to make sure it's deactivated/the process is ended via Task manager then I have no problem in unbanning you. Just don't let it happen again or you'll be banned again which I'm sure you'll understand why.


Ban Appeal Accepted


P.S; If you have any problem rejoining or are still banned then please reply here as I'll leave this post open for a few days to make sure. Or you can make a post on our Discord.


-IceOps Staff

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