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  1. Biohazzard

    Report for sarajevo

    edited proof, maybe now?
  2. Biohazzard

    Report for sarajevo

    Players' name: sarajevo Players' PlayerID: 2310346613346313234 Server: IceOps TDM HC Please describe what happened: Proof: demo0024_dm_1.5da5b703f0bf8e81304941f9c671a299 demo0024_dm_1.b3b7bf30ea428c6921d9740eff607e81
  3. Biohazzard

    Report for Nileesha

    Players' name: Nileesha Players' PlayerID: 2310346616709733139 Server: IceOps TDM HC Please describe what happened: Proof: demo0016_dm_1.cd3d1ead883f9043af826f92fa70184c demo0016.dm_1
  4. that is what he was doing, i remembered wrong then when i told @John Yuki to aim above the turret to actually hit the guy.. tbh i am not sure if you can kill a guy if he is glitching the turret like that? can you kill him by shooting below the turret - where he was when he mounted it?
  5. as far as i know glitching is not allowed, so providing the demo in the appropriate forum section would most likely result in that player getting a temp ban as a warning, which would be good considering he didnt even twitch when he was told that glitching isnt allowed, and continued exploiting the MG. not sure if a map, so to speak 'core', glitch can be fixed, but i would vote something be done regarding this issue
  6. Biohazzard

    Admin abuse for Wolfman

    Agreed to that, and every other argument you posed regarding this problem cause i had the same issue with fast firing. Kicks or small time bans for swearing i find to be alright.
  7. Biohazzard

    What other multi player games you all like

    Biohazzard3155 on wot EU, i wont play much until i get a new laptop which should be in two weeks or three, but i can throw a couple of laggy games...
  8. Biohazzard

    What other multi player games you all like

    world of tanks, heroes of the storm, red orchestra 2, starcraft 2, league of legends sorted in order of how much time ive spent on them, cod4 would be on second place
  9. Biohazzard

    Ban appeal - Biohazzard

    just checked, still banned but take your time im not in a hurry thanks again
  10. Biohazzard

    Ban appeal - Biohazzard

    so basically you can now just unban me and ill play on your servers now and then and when you see me ingame, join in undercover, record me whenever you want all you want, take it as proof and bring it here. also if you want me to explain how i did what, call me to iceops ts3 and ill try to explain and also, thanks for the replies to my thread
  11. Biohazzard

    Ban appeal - Biohazzard

    if you come up with a working demo of me "cheating", will i be allowed to see it too and perhaps give an explanation of anything ive done in it?
  12. Biohazzard

    Ban appeal - Biohazzard

    had a huge pause from cod recently and just started playing it now again, though i do it rarely. i dont know whats up with pb anymore and whats actual these days, my bad
  13. Biohazzard

    Ban appeal - Biohazzard

    Hello so here's my ban appeal 1. Nickname: Biohazzard 2. Server: IceOps Hardcore HighXP 3. My "UID": f9d1804e 4. Admin "UID": doesnt show? 5. Ban reason: You have wallhack. With best wishes from Tirano. 6. Ban length: Ban will "exipire" in ~30 days 7. So someone probably whined about me having hacks because I was first a couple of times and they probably saw me the first time on that server so I guess I was a suspicious dude. Without seeing any warning or any sign that someone wants me banned (I might have just not seen it), got banned out of the blue. I don't know on what basis that admin concluded that I had wallhack, my antialiasing is OFF, but I have a 64bit windows (I've just read that it is a reason for black PBSS sometimes, but before on other servers they could PBSS me clearly) Screenshot: [attach=2351][/attach]
  14. Biohazzard

    Hacker on IceOps Obscurity

    1. OMG_gamer (i believe its Davids alias-hence the demo name-which is supposedly alias of MSA) 2. i took $ministatus but forgot to screenshot it, reminded myself after i quit the game 3. IceOps - Team Obscurity 4. 7th of November 2014, about 22h CET 5. [attach=1475][/attach] [attach=1476][/attach] [attach=1477][/attach] demo ''david4'' was too big to upload unfortunately, it shows him shooting through a wall at obs over long range, and it also shows me cussing (for which i apologise) so what happened more was that earlier today there was a guy named David that came on the server, was suspicious, all of a sudden got over 500 score, when admins began looking into him he reconnected and somehow forgot how to play. he started playing like mad again so he got banned, moments later connected OMG_gamer who firstly didnt do anything much but then suddenly he started wrecking us - which leads me to believing that it was david (or as others said, MSA) all along. even if you do ban him he will keep coming back unfortunately