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  1. that is what he was doing, i remembered wrong then when i told @John Yuki to aim above the turret to actually hit the guy.. tbh i am not sure if you can kill a guy if he is glitching the turret like that? can you kill him by shooting below the turret - where he was when he mounted it?
  2. as far as i know glitching is not allowed, so providing the demo in the appropriate forum section would most likely result in that player getting a temp ban as a warning, which would be good considering he didnt even twitch when he was told that glitching isnt allowed, and continued exploiting the MG. not sure if a map, so to speak 'core', glitch can be fixed, but i would vote something be done regarding this issue
  3. What other multi player games you all like

    Biohazzard3155 on wot EU, i wont play much until i get a new laptop which should be in two weeks or three, but i can throw a couple of laggy games...
  4. What other multi player games you all like

    world of tanks, heroes of the storm, red orchestra 2, starcraft 2, league of legends sorted in order of how much time ive spent on them, cod4 would be on second place