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  1. TheKelm

    5 guys get high illegally

    Better to just fix fps affecting movement speed / jumping height etc. If I'm not wrong, it's a matter of changing one variable from being an integer to a floating point number.
  2. TheKelm

    5 guys get high illegally

    Wait, is someone punishing trap camping? We don't have any rules that forbid that AFAIK... Almost like saying "you don't like cheats, don't use them". It still gives an unfair advantage. And before you eat me alive, no, I don't think using a secret is cheating. I just think it ruins the experience for everyone involved. Want to jump as fast as you can and compete only with jumping? Go play CoDJumper.
  3. TheKelm

    5 guys get high illegally

    Someone can't do bounces The problem is not with bounces. The problem is the fact that you need to know the map before playing it, and not "know" like in play a few times. Know as in other people told you which bind to use where or you've spent hours and hours trying. Every single time someone pushes me into those discussions it ends in an argument. Funnily enough, the only point they always make is "SCREW YOU I LIKE MY BOUNCES" against my multiple well explained points and still, I am the one who can't listen or argument properly. Paints a nice picture...
  4. TheKelm

    5 guys get high illegally

    Late reply king strikes once more! The real problem here is a philosophical one. Also, there are actually three problems here instead of one: - What is the point of deathrun when there are no traps / traps are not being activated / traps can be skipped entirely? - Why do mappers not test their maps and even after a flaw is detected - it's never fixed? The first one will angry the wannabe MLGs with their penis-enlarging fps switch binds. The other one make lazy mappers furious (and that's like 99% of DR mappers). Usually I'd be sad for making people angry, but when looking at those groups I'd rather piss them off a bit more every now and then There are more things wrong about the current deathrun community but this is neither a time nor place for my whining so I'll spare you... For now.
  5. TheKelm

    IceOps is now 5 years old

    Let me put a smile on that face
  6. TheKelm

    IceOps is now 5 years old

    You can retrieve your own screenshots, yes (the queue is going slow as hell though, at least for me). The screenshots in this thread were all of the ones took on our old dedicated servers. Just a feature of xfire's website to sort it by server IP. That kinda is gone
  7. TheKelm

    Kill the King bug

    Sometimes I can't even melee attack. Makes the dog useless Could this be a controls issue? I know the default key for melee is V, but I use MMB. This wouldn't explain the sprint issue though It just sucks when you're the King and you get gangraped just because you can't sprint to cover. I use the defaults and it still happens. You don't need to reconnect or anything, as Joker said, you just have to play like that a bit and it will go away (although one might prefer to reconnect since not being able to sprint and / or knife is very annoying)
  8. No, the map is glitched much like Glass3. You can shoot through that wall and kill the activator. Map name?
  9. TheKelm

    How to keep IceOps alive suggestion

    Well, CS:GO is not only competetive. We could, for example, make an aim server. It's fun to play, even if all you do is play competetive (everyone needs a warmup, right?). Kinda needs admins because of voice chat, but even without any it's pretty much fine. Another idea is a surf server. Not really a warmup before competetive but again, fun to play. The reason our previous CS:GO server was such a failure is because it was the 'standard' mode (community competetive if I remember right) which is simply inferior compared to matchmaking.
  10. TheKelm

    IceOps is now 5 years old

    it's unfortunate to hear this but we can still do something about it. for example, a rank of activity in the servers/teamspeak. Every 30 minutes you are on ts3, you get 15 points. below 1000 points = black member, 1000+ points = bronze, 2500+ = silver and 5000+ = gold member. (this points counts up each month) this does just show how active you are. Also you can do like every forumpost = 5points. this make people more active on forums aswell on teamspeak. And a different thing you can do is give teamleaders, for example: some of the players play LoL, let there be 1 teamleader of LoL, 1 teamleader of COD and so on, so there will be more activity on the forums, aswell on the teamspeak and this way makes it much more fun in game experience. The teamleaders check things out and all teamleaders together have once a month a talk together to discuss about problems. About posts - quality over quantity. It's a bit similar for everything else. Members being afk on teamspeak or even worse, the servers, 24/7 is not really what we're aiming for... The teamleaders thing sounds interesting but IMO it wouldn't really change much if anything at all.
  11. It could be really over used and some people would just spam it. Then we could ban the abuser. The angrier the admins are because of the spam, the longer the ban
  12. TheKelm

    IceOps is now 5 years old

    Also may I add that free to play games are garbage because cheaters.
  13. TheKelm

    IceOps is now 5 years old

    You made me feel old even thought I haven't been here from the very beggining
  14. TheKelm

    Report on Failer

    Such Barti... Wow... Much snails... Such taste... Wow...
  15. TheKelm

    Report on Failer

    Such aboose, much report, mature kelm, wow...