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    Report for SK Bookz

    So first things first, no I'm not trying to fight this ban. And yes it is deserved. By doing this I also meant no harm to any other players, and I usually never abuse this. I however did ask permission to the other jumpers to do this. ( this was before annabel entered, she entered when we were already in the room) The reason why I did this was simply because this Parker was annoying and trashing not just me, but all the other jumpers. Which still does not mean i should have done what I did. So I would like to apologise for this, but I would also like to let you guys know that a player whose ingame name is Parker, was annoying and trashing all other players when I did this. Kind regards And once again my apologies SK Bookz
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    That is indeed a nice idea. I might consider making one, perhaps with the help of some IceOps members. I'll let you know more about it soon!
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    So lately some people asked me on how to strafe jump. There really is not much to say about it other then to keep practicing. So i decided to make a small tutorial on how to get your strafes right. NOTE: you'll still need to keep practicing this, that's how you'll get better. First of all, nearly all maps are 125 fps completable. ( Not mentioning the secrets, some require 250, also excluding hard way of bounce_v3) To get your 125 fps open up your console and type the following: /com_maxfps 125 If you would like to see which fps you are running type in the following in the console: /cg_drawfps 1 Other fps that can be used are 250 and 333, but like i said these are mainly for certain secrets. The next step will be the strafe itself. I can't really say much about this part other then 2 things. 1: Use W+D or W+A, this will allow you to jump further and make you do a strafe when performed correctly 2: Follow the jump with your mouse, it's hard to explain this but a strafe is like a parabolic move. You'll learn this as you go! So that's about all i can help you with here. The main trick is to keep on practicing over and over again, you WILL get better if you do this. Might you have any other questions about this subject, feel free to contact me! Kind regards, SK Bookz.