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  1. pardo


    wh and aimbot if dont use vpn plz ban ip range demo0001.dm_1
  2. pardo

    Login account

    How can I login with my name or email? If I don't have a password. I don't want to login with the steam account Thx
  3. That is just my opinion Renove: Countdown WetWork Creek DownPour Add: Vacant PipeLine
  4. This server change my cfg. I have seen that I have changed the ones that usually i change. snaps cl_maxpackets rate the question is how many more commands does it change? to go through them This server should be mod, for not change cfg. Other question I remember that all promod in any cod series set hc. Why dont set hc? pd: I have written here for not being able to do it in general discussion
  5. pardo

    Color blindness - Daltonism

    I am color blind and I see the names of my team and enemy without differences, which is annoying. I have set bind movement keys the command "g_teamcolor_myteam 0 1 1" like in other games and cod color cyan. The problem is that every x seconds it is reset. I suggest that this command not be reset, I think just by removing it from the dvar list. This is not an advantage for me, since for someone without color blindness differentiate the default colors well. Thx and sry my english
  6. pardo

    WTF? carsh carsh crash ...

    I was already on server 17 without having to delete this folder without crash. I think there is something in my cod4 that causes more crash than other players, cfg custom all keys, spanish ver, etc
  7. I have crash in all match. I don't know if the problem is cod4x 18 ver or new ver 2.0 of mod. How to fix crash? I see that most do not crash and can end the match. PS: killstreaks they are killing the fluid game, especially helis. in my opinion they should be deactivated, everything that is not mouse aim is sht. sry my english