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Suggestion to Obscurity server

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Hello everyone, after palying a decent time on obscurity server I think it needs a some sort of a goal achiving platform.


I was thinking about some sort of a rankning system that is unusual comparing to the original EXP system that shows up when you press TAB for leaderboards.

I can think of one, not game changing, stable suggestion that will make players to want stay on the server, get better and have an outcome of it in a way.

As you can see at cod 4 servers, when there is an iceops mod/member is showing, they have a tag before thier nick.


I think we can arrange a same tag based on EXP/score to showoff your skill or time playing on the server.

Also this can unlock a customized ghillie suit that can be seen for everyone and act at some sort as a cape :)


This way it can encourge player to play the server and get to know the all special "say commands" as playing the ob.

I think, a player that knows each and every speech command does to your score will affect to the community of players to be seen as a good skilled player encourging other players to learn that themselves.


In short, this type of rank system will make a long playing and skilled players a way to feel more special and enjoy the benefits from it.

Starting from a tag near thier name (bronze/silver/gold/platinum) and moving onto the customzation of players apearence according of thier skill and EXP based gameplay expirence.


Looking forward to know your thoughts about it and any ways to improve this current suggestion to make it pass and implant it into the Obscurity server.


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Not possible,


the makers of the mod already disscused this and couldn't make it work since there will be to much strings used.

it sucks but they can't add such thing

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I would guessed that already disscused, for sure im not the first one for that idea to come up.

I thought it would be pretty simple as u set like 10000 xp and u can unlock a blue ghillie which reffers to your rank.

Reason being is that you already can choose up a ghille, but now it just be locked for certain xp amount.

Thank you for reply anyway :)

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