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alexander.natterer's Ban Appeal

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    Hello, this time i got banned with reason :D i really played without cheats. but totday the server was fucking full of hackers for hours. i was really depressed and wanted to fuck the cheaters, so i downloaded one and fucked them :) anyway now i am banned too. is there any option to get unbaned ? plsplsplsplspls

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Hello, @alexander.natterer


Thanks for Appealing your Ban, However your nickname at the time was 'lordi' and not 'natey' as for your hacking-


So the server was full of 'hackers' but you insisted on downloading one just to get 'revenge'? That doesn't make sense to me, You could've just reported them and or recorded a demo and uploaded the proof here on the Forums.


If you're talking about 'VDK' they don't hack as I've watched them, However I watched you and you had Aimbot, No recoil, Maybe even UAV. But since you fessed up then that means you get a thumbs up from me for admitting you were cheating- However you will not be unbanned due to the fact that you were caught cheating, regardless if you were clean up until now.


-Ban Appeal Denied


-IceOps Staff

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