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|Ao3| saaRloos

|Ao3| saaRloos's Ban Appeal

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  • Nickname:
  • Your PlayerID:
  • Ban type:
  • Ban reason:
    Muilti Hack
  • What happened:
    well i was banned idk when because i wasnt playing then i came back some other day and said id been banned for multi hack which confused me because ive never hacked in my life and i am 100% sure theres no proof this was a few years ago

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Dear @|Ao3| saaRloos


Thank you for your appeal, My search shows that the nickname of the ban was under 'DJ_Duck :D'  however there doesn't seem to be any proof for this ban reason and thus you will be unbanned. Please enjoy your gaming experience during your time on our Servers.


P.S; If you have any problems connecting please feel free to create a new post or message us on Discord.



-Ban Appeal Accepted


-IceOps Staff

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