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  1. June

    DrW's gameplays

    I think you should try lowering your mouse sensitivity... Much easier to aim accurately once you get used to it
  2. June

    MC Skins

    yeye ik what you mean, but i like it so that if you look sideways its not like the hair is taped onto the body
  3. June

    MC Skins

    Ohhh you mean the overlayer.... Im using that to have the hair over the clothes and skirt moving out into space a lil bit
  4. June

    MC Skins

    You can remove it ingame? o.O
  5. June

    MC Skins

    I got into making skins this week, i say ive gotten pretty far, anybody recognize my 2 latest artworks? http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/6826331/blondie-1-v3/ http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/6825143/blue-hair-1-v3/ Hint: Anime, and if you dont watch it, here: @Littlefoot guess i really am a Weaboo Which do you guys prefer?
  6. June

    Member Promotion

    Congratz Sly
  7. June


    how do you download it i signed up for the beta but theres no download link?
  8. June

    Slyfire admin abuse (in my opinion)

    i really dont get what all the fuss is about. Someone told you to be polite. So what?!
  9. June

    Learning languages

    I learned java and c++ by playing tetris till my heart beat no more. #Programmer4life
  10. June

    Yoel: Insulting, swearing, advertising, ...

    cant you ban him yourself now, your a clan member? Still nice doe
  11. June

    Hi all!

    Youll probably have to make the spawnpoints yourself buy hey dont trust me cause idk sht
  12. June


    thanks guys looks like itll be fine
  13. June


    Hey guys, im thinking about buying CSGO, and i was wondering if its got requirments as low as cod4 or lower, cause my computer cant handle higher. Thanks for the tell, hopefully ill c u there
  14. I dont get why people even like csgo so much. you cant even sprint o.O is it cracked though?
  15. June

    Ninja' NinjaWa

    I think theres a reason that ive never heard of Raid or nN servers, and i have of Iceops. Its just that much better Sorry to see you go, though