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  1. AlonE

    Blacklight: Retribution

    Anyone else even play this game? You guys should check it out!
  2. AlonE

    ravine2 (In development now)

    Keep the map simple, and low fps friendly, Im not speaking for myself here, But I am aware that some of the community members may not have 1080's and i7's lying around. Otherwise, Keep it short and sweet Between Sky power and Diehard length. Would be HUGELY grateful for a new fresh 125 only secret. Good Luck
  3. AlonE


    Like I said over steam , All the best
  4. AlonE

    Report for TBS*Agente

    Just 5 min ago.
  5. AlonE

    General Map Gliches

    Trap Avoid.mp4
  6. AlonE

    Level Restarting evritim i ply offlaine

    Punkbuster enabled/disabled?
  7. AlonE

    Report for TBS*Agente

    Player's name: TBS*Agente Player's GUID or UID: STEAM_0:0:39011493 Server: Deathrun Please describe what happened: Consistently Swearing. I have more screenshots. Proof:
  8. AlonE

    General Map Gliches

    It is also possible to wallbang the acti on semtex.
  9. AlonE


    Nice! Loving the colour scheme! All is done very well! Just one little thing, perk up the eye. Add a pupil,some of the iris.. Whatever you want. Otherwise, I it
  10. AlonE

    Report for A Lizard Priest

    This happened to me xD, I might be digging my own grave for a ban, but I was in thired person and I shot the acti. Turned out it killed him. This Needs To be fixed
  11. AlonE

    Sniper Results!

    WELL, HERE THEY ARE 10 people voted on this topic, all of which are appreciated! You guys! So, Here are the results! The m40a3 was WAYYY out in front in the quick-scope section! With 80% to 20% My opinion: I have to disagree with this The r700 for me seems to have a faster scope in time but less power (Similar to the Ballista in BO2). So i use the r700 for qs! This one was a bit closer with only 2 votes between! But, once again the winner was the....... m40a3! winning with its "supposedly" nice no-scoping ability! with 60% to 40% My opinion: I have to agree with this one, whenever I No-Scope with the r700 I end up wasting bullets, so I prefer the m40a3 for NS! Overall