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    Ban appeal for NENENENENENENENE

    That is not a skin. It's a D3D Cham= wh.
  2. S!r.ReaDy

    Profit from someone else property

    @Jack @Fisher , What u understand with modified? Yes i modified, but all scripts, models, ranks, images, materials i made on my own, so its , new update we use in gameranger, belive me or not, people love it, Ofc guns like deagle, raygun were before, adn those 30 ranks, rest all done by me . Anyway, sry for waiting your time with reading my msg. I guess no luck for this community. Peace
  3. S!r.ReaDy

    Profit from someone else property

    @Jack im leaving cod4, no use to keep all files for myself now
  4. S!r.ReaDy

    Profit from someone else property

    @Fisher Deatrun is the best cod4 mod atm. 1) Indeed, deathrun was originaly made by Braxi , totaly agree, i modified it in the best way, that took me months. If you like defeault deathrun , keep it ,lol , pp gone way more further with editing, with/without permissions, + without our help it wouldbe dead, as no further support from braxi. It took me months to get it done, and scripting vip, not deafult ffs,but as vip guns, new chanracters ect, everyone who is good enough, mod the "mods" 2)yes, !getss is a cod4x_18 , (18) , i meant the most used version codx_17a, that doesnt have this feature. Before making this useless post, you could nicely ask , and i would provided proff as in 2014 i talked with braxi about further modify. Peace. Ps: try to get some one else down. PS IF u think iwas goind to sell u deathrun with 30 levels? nob sprays ? and all deafut what braxi made, then u terrible wrong , ill never sell some one else work