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  1. Iamthegreatest

    Still banned

    My ban was supposed to have expired by now but I still cannot join, fix please? https://gyazo.com/b98070eabe8293b9e149cf8ce4fd66be
  2. Iamthegreatest

    Ban appeal for iAMtheGREATEST

    Fair enough, thank you, although I'd still like to know why I have been accused of "abusing the server and the people in it"
  3. Iamthegreatest

    Ban appeal for iAMtheGREATEST

    Wow that was when the server was down how was I supposed to know? I didn't know they weren't allowed since there are no server rules when you enter, and I've never had an admin warn me about them.
  4. Iamthegreatest

    Ban appeal for iAMtheGREATEST

    No this is the first time I've been banned, I've been playing on the server every day for the past 2 weeks except for when it was down
  5. Iamthegreatest

    Ban appeal for iAMtheGREATEST

    I didn't know, there are no rules listed when you enter the game, in fact one of your admins was in one of the games I played whilst I performed the elevator and he said something along the lines of "it isn't technically glitching" so what was I supposed to think?
  6. Iamthegreatest

    Ban appeal for iAMtheGREATEST

    Nickname: iAMtheGREATEST Server you got banned on: Iceops Softcore Your UID/GUID: U:32:2356323164 Admin UID/GUID: I:0:0 Ban reason: "Repeated violation of elevator glitch he been told so many times and just abuses the server and people in it" Ban length: 48 hours What happend: Finished a game and this message came up, never been warned ONCE about using elevators although been raged at by other players in server for using them, would like clarification on "just abuses the server and people in it" ,thank you