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  1. Lossy

    ProMod 220 ReModing [HELP NEEDED]

    language is called GSC, that's why the file type is GSC.
  2. Lossy

    Hide Commands

    try this one - https://github.com/Lossyxx/CoD4X17a_testing I'm not sure if this was the last update for 17a though since ninja removed the original github page for it.
  3. Lossy

    Hide Commands

    You'll have to modify the sources for it to happen. @chronic read his topic correctly, he's not on about CoD4X built in admin system.
  4. Lossy

    Voting System

    because it's not my server
  5. Lossy

    Voting System

    well it is easy to make lol
  6. Lossy

    Call of Duty 4 comeback?

    You should look up fourdeltaone or AlterIWnet then. They won't ignore something like this if it gets big.
  7. Lossy

    any one want anti roccat Script

    old script that was made on openwarfare forums, can probably see if i can find it. this one has been edited to work with 3xp scripts.
  8. Lossy

    Invisible mode on usebuttonpress

    the for(; will constantly loop it for no reason, the while script will loop so long as the use button is pressed so it's not a 1 time pressed thing.
  9. Lossy

    Invisible mode on usebuttonpress

    there a while statement but k
  10. Lossy

    Invisible mode on usebuttonpress

    if you're forcing gsc scripts on a player you never need to change sv_cheats to 1...
  11. Lossy

    Invisible mode on usebuttonpress

    Why not? Just use it as a plugin because deathrun is the only mod that handles plugins that way?
  12. Lossy

    Invisible mode on usebuttonpress

    pretty sure buttonpressed is not a cod4 function either and why are you enabling cheats on a client? security flaw there. Also why is there a "mod version" arguement?
  13. Lossy

    AR51:Kevinos DDoS IceOps - Statement

    i already answered your question and the reason their name changes to "CID" is because CoD4X has changed it as they are either using invalid characters or their name is too short.
  14. Lossy

    AR51:Kevinos DDoS IceOps - Statement

    He started this spam again on our servers too (C4S) last 2 weeks. Well i haven't any problems, ever tried removing your fake named redirect servers from the server browser?
  15. Lossy


    he's too lazy to do it himself so he's not doing it anymore.