Report for 2nd BATORI

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Please describe what do you mean with cheater.
His 4 ss look fine. so aimbot?

And i get "The page you requested does not exist " error on that link.



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grammar and stuff

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CROdator its obvious that his 4 ss looks fine. Why? Because these screenshots are by start of round (Im not sure 100% how $pbss system works,Is it making automatically screenshot when player join or when new map?) As you can see,every screenshot is with the welcome message-that's why i thought it.

Anyway, he also have some kind of anti pbbs,you can see it on demo. I did execute command $pbss 2nd  BATORI then he immediately left - I tried it like 3 times

About the error- maybe there is something wrong with REPORT form,shouldn't it be downloading the demo after you click on link? IDK,question for "red guys" ;D

Let me try upload that demo somewhere,so you can check it by yourself.

Hope you can understand my great english *wink wink*

Edit: I did attach demo,can you download it from here?

2nd BATORI.dm_1

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attaching demo

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Yup I've already banned a guy that had something like that, except that he had no ss at all, hacks are getting smarter..

And yeah it took ss only on start of the games and then he activated it, after few seconds perhaps.


Seems like multi-hack, he knew when someone is behind him, knows when someone is behind obstacle, gets kicked when taking ss.

+he has 2 autokicks from anticheat system

I'll set it as permban.


Thanks tinkerino. :D

Your English is great, just right. ;P

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adding things i forgot to add, as always

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Yes, if a player gets kicked when using the ‘$pbss’ command and they leave right after(auto kicks) make sure you get at least a SS or two of them leaving 2-3 times that way we can ban them for ‘Auto leave on SS.’


Thanks for the report and keep in mind of what is said above(demos also work but we’d have to watch the whole thing while a cod4 JPEG SS would be of better use)

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