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Camping Rule

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I have been playing on your server for a while now under a few different nicknames. As on every other HC server, camping is highly active, especially on maps such as Strike, Backlot and Pipeline. There is something I could suggest despite not being competent enough to talk about this topic. Instead of decreasing damage, throughout some period of time, you might consider taking away player's weapon. The principle is identical to camping "rule" you already have, just with minor tweaks. First part could be a simple warning to players, if a player refuses to obey the warning, a weapon gets taken away until player makes a few steps. It might not stop the camping completely, but it will certainly make some noticeable changes.

There might be some disagreements, but this problem is present each and every single game with 20+ players online. CTRL (Go Prone) which makes a player almost invincible on some maps. Although his damage is decreased to 34, a kill can get secured with 2 to 3 bullets, depends on which type of gun is being used, just by laying on the floor and not making a single movement. Imagine how frustrating it gets when you run across the whole map, just to get killed by the guy who went prone or crouched in the darkest spot of the map. As I already said, it can't be guaranteed that this will be highly effective, but at least for those who refuse to use their wasd keys, it might help a bit. However, spawn-trapping, camping from place to place will be there and there is no way it can be stopped. With damage decreased, and range brought to a bare minimum, the camping rule you have looses it's effect. 

IGN: Marcaida

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Hi Marcaida,

thank you for your suggestion.

We already think on something like that, especially because sometimes -like you said- 34 damage is not that effective.

Let's wait and see if the developers can spend some of their time on that, I think it's a valid suggestion.


Thank you again

610 *.*

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