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IceOps RoZo server needs more maps !

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Hello !

I'm IceOps RoZo server fan, spend many hours there fighting zombies.

You can meet me there,my nick is FNRP-VIADERNY.

 It's great server, but needs admin attention immediately.

Map rotation is literally makes me and other players insane. There's only few maps!

Next map name displayed during loading is also wrong, check it out.


Please,add some maps,there's so many compatible with RoZo mod.

Make RoZo server great again !





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2 hours ago, IJzzo said:

Bots/Zombies in Rozo are kinda broken. They don’t attack as long as you are moving. So you can avoid them just by walking.


Well, I can't agree, they are aggressive, attacking non stop. 

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