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  1. Lifes_Master


    Hey, my got permbanned its your ice obscirity, tell me. what its now unbanned me? everything is good for me, and they rely on the way I looked at all the tricks in the name of the ban. This is denied, and the tricks know all the rule administrators, he knows that he wants a secret and scammers for a shorter loss on the servers. I do not know how for any admin server for admin to admins-servers it will be necessary to ban cheats. quiet admins..
  2. Lifes_Master

    ^1wolverine - Lifes_Master

    Hey. because I was a crook a long time ago 01-31-18 he banned but I try to deceive me with this call to duty 4 Whose deletion in the fraudster was found and I put all the games on the server for a long time never unban. Why I do not want to play on your server? let's talk to admins Granted or Denied thank you very much quiet admin)
  3. Hey. im gonna follow u in 999+1=1k. <3