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  1. T O M

    HC HighXP server update

    Not sure if i'm imagining this or not, will do some more testing when i'm playing, but it seems after calling in certain kill streaks the anti-camp stop working until you die and re-spawn? But will update after a few hours of gameplay.
  2. T O M

    HC HighXP server update

    -Definitely agree with the others regarding the wall bang damage being too low. -I have also noticed (same as CRO) that the anti camp damage percentage doesn't reset back to 100 after death and re-spawn. It stays at the percentage you had before death. Was this intentional or a bug? -If the intention of increasing player hp was to stop weapons insta killing, then i'm not sure how well this has been implemented. I almost exclusively play with the G3, in my opinion the most OP weapon in the game, as long as you're accurate. However this still insta kills to upper body and head, so it just gives me the advantage of increased health further making the class OP. Not saying i want to gun nerfed because its the only weapon i use, but just wanted it to be noted.
  3. T O M

    Report For Alpha`|^1$kills!here

    Would not let me fill out a report form, that page seems to be down. So am doing it manually Name: Alpha`|^1$kills!here Server: High xp tdm GUID: 2310346614432719463 Steam: 76561198981290224 Offence: Elevators/Glitching was performing elevators all game even when asked to stop. demo0003.dm_1
  4. T O M

    Report for Jelman

  5. T O M

    Report for Jelman

    Players' name: Jelman Players' PlayerID: 76561198038924463 Server: hardcore high xp Please describe what happened: wallhack and aim assist Proof: demo0002_dm_1.2c6c7cda46d25608dbab9fc8fe8443a0
  6. T O M

    Add more maps maybe?

    More maps would be good and it seems to be a topic of hot discussion here at the minute. Maps that play completely fine: -Ambush -Backlot -Crash -Crossfire -District -Strike (not currently in rotation but i think should be) -Chinatown -Overgrown Maps that have issues but if there is a large agreement on them then should be added or kept: -Bloc, sniper campfest and doesn't suit everyone's play-style. -Broadcast, works okay but is one of my least favourite maps in current rotation. -Creek, not sure why everyone hates on this map, but from my experience it plays well. -Downpour, the rain and dull feeling is off putting to a lot of players and ruins the enjoyment of the map. -Pipeline, much like creek a lot of people seem to dislike this map, but i don't have any issues with it. -Vacant, works okay but again is one of my least favourite maps in current rotation. Maps that don't work or play well: -Bog, one of my favourite maps, but doesn't suit large players numbers due to nade spam, airstrikes etc. -Countdown, spawn traps are far too easy . -Killhouse, far too small. -Shipment, far too small. -Showdown, too small. -Wetwork, constant nade spam. These are just my opinions however i feel like they also reflect a large percentage of the community, but let me know what you guys think T O M
  7. T O M

    Stats Rank Number 1

    Oh okay that makes sense Thank you for the response, will keep on grinding xD T O M
  8. Players' name: chewy best cod4 player!!! Players' PlayerID: 2310346613245070141 Server: hardcore high xp Please describe what happened: constant racism and discrimination to other players, only got the one screenshot, but this was going on all game. Proof:
  9. So I mainly play a pretty try hard style, and i'm always going for the most frags/best k/d per game with that aim of becoming the highest stats rank i can. Slowly i'm working my way up the ranks (currently 27 out of 3600) but noticed that the rank leaders displayed at the end of the game never really changes. They seem to just be players who have been on the server only a few times and managed to get a high k/d in one game, Not consistently. Do these scores stay forever? Do they get removed? Will i ever get a chance to be rank number one? And if anyone can explain to me how the 'trueskill rating' is calculated that would be much appreciated. T O M.
  10. T O M

    Report for T_O_M

    all gun skins, player model skins, and sky skin removed. games files back to stock. should really update the rules to state that skins arent allowed though. and never intended to have any kind of advantage over others for using them.
  11. T O M

    Report for T_O_M

    sorry didnt realise there was a rule against skins on this server? dont use them for any kind of visual enhancement, only because i think it makes the game look better... where in the server rules does it state no skins allowed?? im clearly not hacking and can achieve the same number of kills per game skins or not.
  12. Oh that makes sense, I wasn't aware that things only got changed round recently. Maybe this is something that should be looked at and addressed on a fairly regular basis, that way the players are always getting the most enjoyed maps as well as some variety every now and then. T O M.
  13. Thanks for the responses. A voting system would be great, that way you get the overall community feedback on maps instead of just a small selection of people. I've seen on some servers they have a built in vote feature regarding each map, "Do you enjoy this map? F1: Yes F2: No" I'm happy playing whatever, but would just be nice to see some variation regarding maps every now and then. As long as its unanimously agreed, and everyone is enjoying them. T O M.
  14. I play this server pretty regularly, a few hours a day on most days. But have started to find that playing the same 6 maps is getting rather repetitive. I understand that out of the possible 21 maps some of them cannot be played for balance issues such as shipment/killhouse or wetwork for the complete nade spam. But there are plenty of maps that can be added and played. Surely I'm not the only one who would like to see more/different maps in the rotation? T O M.