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Hey this is my new map islands. With this map i decided to attempt doing some detail as people have suggested it in the past. I made a good stab at it and i don't think it is too bad. Please let me know what you think :D

Author of map: Sheep Wizard

Map name: mp_deathrun_islands

Map size: Long

Traps: 11

End rooms:Sniper, Knife, Bounce, Old, Ice Skating

Difficulty: Hard

Download: Download





(Please dont judge map on these images i'm not a good photographer)

Other info:Thanks to Darmuh who helped my with the L96.

Thanks to VC' Blade for helping with HUD and effects.

Thanks to FeZe Dench (Rickster) for letting me use his server to test map :)

Please report any bugs to me here of msg me on xfire: paap15

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