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So, I know a few of the Staff here at IceOps have been playing the mobile game 'QuizUp' recently, so I thought it would be nice to start an IceOps topic for the game!


Below you will find the link to the topic for the game, which only has 11 questions currently, so if anyone else has any questions they think I should add, feel free to drop me a private message along with the answer to that question also; send it in a message and not a comment on this thread, so that other people do not see the questions with the answers if I decide to put the question into the QuizUp topic! :P


(I am not going to add any questions that may be offensive, or personal, so do not bother with silly suggestions)

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17 hours ago, Lookout said:

You really need to sign up with it first? Could you send me the 11 questions via pm and I'll see if I could add some ;)


Sure, I will go and get a screencap of them now for you :P 

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