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GolTlun chujowy strzelec

Ban appeal for GolTlun

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Server you got banned on:






Ban reason:

''offensive language to admin'' and ''racism''

Ban length:

3 days

What happend:

I only wrote lyrics of the song with the word '' Nigga ". This is what I wrote was not directed at anyone's way, so how can it be racism. Text: '' Nigga Im the real one'' There wasn't even offensive language at admin.

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I am not supposed to apply on this but you were calling this word yesterday aswell many times even after warnings.


so i'm not surprised about this.


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He was warned by me many time maybe like 50+. Im everyday on deathrun and he still using words like Nigga, and after i always warn him then he starts to be offensive to me. I don;t banned him cause after my warnings he always said "sorry" and he swear that he don't will use this word again. This time he said "Nigga" idk why but i again only warned him but now he connect on server and started to be offensive to me in Polish (my) language. Also he have bad word in his name of that forum. Bad word is "chujowy" it means shitty. Cheers B)


Btw Ur behaviour on our server is soo childish and now i will keep my eye on u more.

Edit: Show me logs or screenshoots when i called u like that cause i dont remember :unsure:

Edited by DinoGrzmot

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8 hours ago, GolTlun chujowy strzelec said:

Moderators who lie should be immediately thrown out from this function.


Leave this up to us, not to you.


I am afraid i need more evidence then the screenshots that passed my eye right now. 

If not, the ban would change into a mute. 


So be patience for further screenshots, i do agree you have an offensive behavior sometimes. 

Maybe this is also a tip for the future ;) 


Ban lifted, mute remains. (Ban will expire in 21:52)

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