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    There was a "countdown" card on the list. I do not like her. I became observers. And I was banned that I was supposedly using the "no smoke" cheat. But this cannot be, since in the game I constantly use smoke grenades, and I myself constantly suffer from them. Why exactly on this map there was no smoke from open mines, I cannot say. Smoke grenades work 100%. My game is original. Perhaps the smoke EXACTLY from the mines is not shown, since I have the most MINIMUM graphics settings. I have a rather weak computer (this can be seen in the screenshot of the FPS readings). This can be checked if you set the settings like mine. Please unblock me

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Hi Keystop


did you purchase the game or was it cracked download? 


In regards to minimum graphics, I play on the lowest graphic settings as well, and I always have smoke from smoke grenades and maps like Countdown.

From your screenshot, you have zero smoke on any of the rocket holes on Countdown. 

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Dear @keystop,


Thank you for making this Ban Appeal, Down below are reasons to the ban and how to fix it-



As @IJzzo has shown with the screenshot, There is no smoke coming from the Missile Silos, Please Note: It has nothing to do with how low or high your graphics are set as this is strictly the result of the game you torrented(Cracked, as in don't have the CD version or a Steam version of the game) There have been a few players with this exact problem but only on the map Countdown where they can see through the smoke generated by the Silos.


To be unbanned read the following below-

In order to fix this and to be unbanned you're going to have to download a different COD4 torrent as the one you have (Presumably Russian) is broken. Once you've done this you will be unbanned, however if the new one has the same problem you'll be banned again and this whole process will start again.



-IceOps Staff

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Good day.

Yes, everything is exactly as you described.

I have a game purchased from Steam. Only she is the English version.

I downloaded the hacked Russified version from torrents. In which there is no smoke from the mines. But smoke grenades work.

Returned to the official version from Steam. I checked, and indeed with minimal graphics settings, there is smoke from the mines.

Can I count on unlocking?


Edited by keystop

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