VIP for S&D and TDM.

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Hey there, I've been playing IceOps for almost 2 years now, and the least I could do for this awesome community that brought COD 4 back to life (at least for me), was donate.

So I donated 5€ (will donate more in a future) and expected funny stuff that you could do within your servers, and, I have to be honest here, I was a little bit disapointed.


  1. Why is there only VIP Menu in DR? (I don't really enjoy DR...)

          So I thought about it, and, why not implement also (not all) those fun VIP Menu option to S&D and TDM?

          The options to implement would be:

  • Laser
  • Vision
  • Messages (please add more. For example: Go to A! or Go to B! or Here we go! or GL & HF! etc.)
  • Burn yourself in fire
  • And others the Staff or Admins would consider.


      2. Add more messages to the DR server.

          As a donator, broadcasting messages is a way to make feel us more important and have more "control" over the server.

          You could add more variety to the messages.

      For example:

  • You can do this!
  • Ez map
  • GJ WS (Good Job Well Strafed)
  • etc.


      3. (I don't know if this server is implemented in DR servers) Broadcast a message to all when a VIP joins.

       As I said before, we like to feel important, so why not also implement a broadcast message to all players (in S&D and TDM servers?) Give us that bit of exclusiveness.


      4. Change color name in TAB and above the models head.

          I'm not sure if this is possible, but change the standard color to a bold and gold color, to give us that bit of exclusiveness.




If you could implement some of these features, I'm 200% sure more people would donate, so we all win.

Thank you for your time.

(Here you don't see me as VIP because I'm not signed with Steam, but actually I am.)

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On 13.07.2016. at 6:21 PM, MrCrashnil said:

I don't see the con...

Well the promod mod was created to make the cod4 more competitive and the laser would give big advantage to see where you re aiming and improve your accuracy making it unfair for others, then this game would turn into pay to win type...

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Yes get rid of the lasers and that sounds a great idea. To big of an advantage with lasers hense why hackers use it 

Edited by Mighty Jayster

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