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Okay, I have already done this in a couple more places, so no harm in doing it here as well. Okay then since I live in a country which is quite frequently, and rightly so, mistaken for a shit hole, I recently came up with a way to sign up for a free month on netflix without having to give any credit card details and such, and I do plan to repeat this method until netflix bans my ip. Therefore I request shows suggestions to binge off of netflix for as long as I can.

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Well I don't think you might be able to do it but one of the mobile service companies in my country have made a deal with google to allow their network users to purchase stuff through google pay using their mobile credit. So I use that as a method of payment to make the account (ofcourse I to make a new email for the account each time) then before the month ends I simply cancel the my subscription and do it all over again. 


Ofcourse I could load mobile balance into my account and pay for the subscription but I have to pay 40% national tax and 8% currency conversion charges on the money I have to put into my account. so if I put about $10 into my account I only get $5.20


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The 100

Jessica jones, luke cage, iron fist, dare devil, the defenders.

the punisher



13 reasons why

stranger things


sense 8


when youre done with these i might have a few others :>

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