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  1. HydroxZ95

    Overwatch Zenyatta

    A warrior greatest weapon is... patience
  2. HydroxZ95


    What is this screen supposed to show?
  3. HydroxZ95


    Congratulations Aquiz
  4. HydroxZ95

    Clan Leader

    Congratz Lookout, but it feels like you've always been our leader
  5. HydroxZ95


    This would work as the censorism mechanism, it could be implementable but you have to ask to those with permissions to edit the mod
  6. HydroxZ95

    1 hour temporary ban by Blandum

    The report wasn't an unban appeal, it was a report of a moderator abuse (as he tought). He could've reported her even if she kicked him with a wrong reason, by the way, yeah you can't do that, if you want to 1v1 your friends just chat on steam
  7. HydroxZ95

    Report for [Fear] star & [Fear] Mistery

    No, I meant that for this report, he's been banned already as you can see above So you can't ban him again for the same thing
  8. HydroxZ95

    Report for [Fear] star & [Fear] Mistery

    one was already cmd blocked for 5 days, why you blocked mystery cmds again?
  9. HydroxZ95

    ravine2 (In development now)

    We want a mysterious hard secret - or shortcuts (hard ones). If you need help with testing or something, I'm up!
  10. HydroxZ95

    ravine2 (In development now)

    Get your priorities straight bro PC > Car
  11. HydroxZ95

    ravine2 (In development now)

    get a gud pc pls
  12. HydroxZ95

    ravine2 (In development now)

    No 333 no party, we want a badass secret like ravine's. Anotherworld's secret sucks because it's too short compared to the map. Ravine secret was well made because it was long and hard, and it takes time to do so people can end map normally. Good luck with your map :>
  13. HydroxZ95

    Report for [Fear] star & [Fear] Mistery

    This Fear Mystery was already muted in the past (twice), he changed name and he always had a childish behaviour, I'll block his chat for 5 days, thanks for your report
  14. HydroxZ95

    Report for Arc' Ase

    As I can't read your language I'll stick this out of this post but you may know that sometimes, people write 'insults' (like 'nub') to their friends that are not meant to be offensive, many times they're just kidding around
  15. HydroxZ95

    Report for Ezra.

    Thanks for your report, the following user, Ezra. , has been banned for 3 days due to the following offense(s): Offensive Language Evading Censorism Mechanism Rage quitting as activator We appreciate your work, keep it up HydroxZ