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Some little changes that I've made and will be made:

* Shoutbox has a counter: How much posts + Spammers (who has the most shouts)

* Staff online: From now on you can see in a second who from the staff is online.(Right side of the forum)


To come:

* Clear notifications: Now you can clear the notifications tab

* Hide Sidebar: Annoying that sidebar? Now get rid of it by clicking a little arrow on the right side.

(To come can be tricky since it's not tested yet, don't freak out if something won't appear)

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I've a suggestion :) Instead of showing the recent comments posted like this , why do not put here instead the title of the topic, and mark it as "Unread Topics" or "Unread Threads" ? 
Because what there is actually, sometimes we miss threads (Like my introduction) because 3/4 people commented one single thread, so the older posts are not shown and missed

It was just a suggestion, of course I understand if you do not like the idea


Waiting to hear you back

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