An example of why the spawn protection design sucks

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Hi all, 


For a long time now I have played on the HC cod4 server and the one underlying thing that has always irked me is the design of the spawn protection. While most of the time your firefights are with people who haven't just spawned in and therefore this isn't a problem with every kill/death, it is prominent enough to cause a particularly bs death at least a couple times per match at a minimum. 


Over time there have been thousands of these but this one just happened this afternoon and I thought it was the best one I had captured on recording yet and serves to illustrate the issue. In this example the player spawns and has the freedom to begin movement and see his surroundings. Upon which he spots me, moves, aims and kills me. 


On my screen I am running to the area behind the enemy lines when all of a sudden I hit an invisible wall. I turn around to see what it was and i'm faced with a guy preaimed at me and i'm dead before I could react. This experience made me think that I had encountered a glitch or perhaps a lag spike rather than a spawn as well so I was doubly unprepared.


All this because the spawn protection allows for full viewing of your surroundings, complete invisibility and invulnerability and the ability to move a short distance and begin to aim all without losing these advantages. 


In a previous instance I remember I had someone spawn in front of me while I was reloading, walk through me then become visible and knife me in the back. A completely unfair death as there was not a single thing I could do to have reacted or prevented it. 



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