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  1. $t0rM [=

    Things have to change asap

    Leiizko i didnt want to blame you or something, ye the dmg is the same like before i noticed that and its fine. For me the dmg was never a problem. And yes 3 Killstreaks the problem is the time they are activated. As i said a CHooper is there for 2 Minutes thats a bit crazy. As i said its not a Blame to the work u did there. Dont think it would be.. i love the server otherwise i wouldnt spend so much time there to climb and gain lvl exp
  2. HEllo guys, perfectly to your 10 Year Birthday Party i have a present for you and its not as good as it looks... The new mod is online for like a weak now and i can just say.... its bad... (not everything but a few things are rly bad)! First of all: The Killstreaks are overpowered as fuck, and u get them so easy that the most of the players not even try to move, they just camp and wait till they get 7 or 10 kills and spam all shit they have into the enemy spawn. Something has to change there asap same as the camping problem. (Maybe you go in for a new Rule "Camp for Streaks = instend kick without any warning" ?) At least it will be more usefull than dmg reduce which can be easy disabled by moving 2 inches and move back to your position with 100 dmg again! The Killstreaks have to been nerfed fast!!! rly fast!!!! a chooper for 2 Minutes?? same as the AC30R i mean ye nothing more i need to say for that right? And yes i know Leiizko is busy and he is alone but i still have to say that. A lot of Players join the server, they stay for around 3 Minutes and say "WTF IS THAT SHIT, WTF HAPPEND TO THE SERVER?!" and leave... and that happend not only 1 time no it happens around 10-15 times per day... and i can understand them. Since they dont write anything just flaming ingame i thought its time to tell you the truth about whats going on at the server. You guys got 10 years old and if u guys want another 10 year victory there need to be some changes. And i dont mean a weapon nerf cause thats not the Problem. There has to be a "REAL ANTI CAMP" as i asked for a few months ago. Yes you guys never had something against camping but as your community grows up the game does too and the times has changed. People camp 34DMG or not it doesnt matter. If they explode or Burn to death belive me they will stop that. Currently I think I'm talking against a wall because no other admin or mod has any complaints. This is probably because me and Own3d are the only ones who regularly play on the server and notice what a clown fiesta it has become. Spawn raping has to become more shit than the last mod, cause of the spam of Killstreaks... Ye well i think thats it for me now but at leas i told you whats going on and if u guys didnt hate me before u do maybe now cause of my complaining about the mod but this isnt fun to play at all. The only good thing actually is the Prestige, but ye as i said aswell i know Leiizko is alone and busy in his life but things had to be said since noone else is doing it.... Greetings...
  3. $t0rM [=

    Damage table

    [ "mp5_mp" ] = 28, [ "mp5_reflex_mp" ] = 28, [ "mp5_silencer_mp" ] = 25, Actually i said to buff it but i was wrong. If possible nerf it back with -3 in every class. its to strong actually.
  4. Hello everyone, since a lot of People have big problems with 18.x i got an Idea. how about bringing the server back to version 17.9? All of us can delete the 18.x files and we play the new mod on 17.9 till every bug is fixed? Its frustrating for me and so much other People. You get laggs, frame drops, and Own3d still crashed with 18.1. Its an Idea a lot of PLayers would enjoy. Let me know what u think about it. Greetings
  5. $t0rM [=

    HC HighXP server update

    i just checked the sourcebans and u can see how many people are getting kicked already its like 3 sites full of kicks by console thats heavy
  6. $t0rM [=

    HC HighXP server update

    CHOICE_HP( 6, "artillery_mp", 5, "ARTY" This should be available with 7 kills too like the Airstrike. And im not sure but it seems like some of the Strikes are counting the Killstreak. This should be changed aswell. And something i rly hate is the "kick for inactivity". Actually you get kicked if u spectate a Player. This is bad i think, dont know how u guys feel about it but i have some problems with that
  7. $t0rM [=

    WTF? carsh carsh crash ...

    Ok, you can update your Game now to 18.1. This Patch fixed the crash for me. Cause everytime i was using P90 game crashed. Now it seems to be fixed. i could play my first 2 Rounds without laggs or game closing randomly. Maybe it will help you too to fix your Problems .
  8. $t0rM [=

    WTF? carsh carsh crash ...

    For the time till its fixed go to "%localappdata%\CallofDuty4MW\bin" and delete the 18.0 File. I did it and i can play now without Problems. Not on IceOps servers since they are 18.0 but u can play on JFF Servers with the old mod of IceOps. For the Time till the fix is made
  9. $t0rM [=

    Damage table

    I do think the p90 damage is okay.As for m21 maybe [ "m21_mp" ] = 25 (Mostly bcoz even with 67 DMG it was still one shot killing in the lower torso from a long range too. If this is fixed then nevermind) But with 25 u buff the M21 which means that u will defnitly kill someone with 67 P90 Dmg is fine if it will be buffed a bit like i said. Actually P90 cant contest any 1v1 trades in front. As we see on the dmg of the other guns. For example: AK47 "30DMG", P90 "18". That difference is just to big.
  10. $t0rM [=

    Damage table

    [ "mp5_mp" ] = 28, [ "mp5_reflex_mp" ] = 28, [ "mp5_silencer_mp" ] = 25, This should be buff with +3 in every section! [ "ak47_mp" ] = 30, [ "ak47_reflex_mp" ] = 30, [ "ak47_silencer_mp" ] = 28, This is fine! [ "mp44_mp" ] = 32, Should be lowerd by -3 [ "m4_mp" ] = 35, [ "m4_reflex_mp" ] = 35, [ "m4_silencer_mp" ] = 30, This is fine aswell! [ "p90_mp" ] =24, [ "p90_reflex_mp" ] =24, [ "p90_silencer_mp" ] =20, This should be buff with +6 every section, and its still lower than others. But with the actually dmg as u see u cant contest anything thats crap. [ "m21_mp" ] = 24, This should be lowerd by -4 [ "right_arm_upper" ] = 0.7, [ "left_arm_upper" ] = 0.7, [ "right_arm_lower" ] = 0.5, [ "left_arm_lower" ] = 0.5, [ "right_hand" ] = 0.7, [ "left_hand" ] = 0.7, [ "right_leg_upper" ] = 0.7, [ "left_leg_upper" ] = 0.7, [ "right_leg_lower" ] = 0.5, [ "left_leg_lower" ] = 0.5, [ "right_foot" ] = 0.7, [ "left_foot" ] = 0.7, [ "gun" ] = 0.5 ^ my Idea of Hit location multiplier. [ "rifle" ] = 2300, [ "smg" ] = 1700, [ "shotgun" ] = 300, [ "lmg" ] = 1900, [ "sniper" ] = 6000, [ "pistol" ] = 1200 Rilfe: 2200 -> 2300 SMG: 1500 -> 1700 LMG: 1800 -> 1900 My Ideas for now General changes or fixes: -> Sound of Killstreaks are FAR TO EXTREME!! (Lower it for 50/70%) -> Fix of the Prestige Icons (invisible sometimes) -> Shaking of the Screen is just to much (lower it for like 40/50%) -> Since its the new Patch maybe include a new Map Rotation (Pipeline, Showdown, Bloc, Bog, Downpour, Countdown, Creek) -> if Killhouse or Shipment should be available -> (Disable of all Nades, C4, Claymore) just for this 2 maps. -> Killstreaks: Some are just to easy to get (Heli should be there with 12+ Kills cause its just to op) -> Nuke: Should be available with 20+ Kills instead of 18 (Pakage with Nuke is there aswell, thats a bit to nuclear actually) Thanks for reading
  11. $t0rM [=

    HC HighXP server update

    Alright let me explain it a bit: P90 has 100 Bullets, you need more than 20 or maybe 30 bullets to kill someone. in this time your dead by nearly every other weapon. Same is MP5: you need more than 10 Bullets to kill someone AK74u: same as MP5 10 bullets ^ all this bullets are counted on 100DMG and now the snipers: M21: 1 Bullet 100-34DMG M40A3: 1 Bullet 100-34DMG
  12. $t0rM [=

    HC HighXP server update

    So after 2 rounds on the server with the new update, I have to say that it is partially unplayable. And no, not only because the P90 is now completely useless, which I will come back to shortly. First of all, the killstreaks are bugged. sometimes you don't get some. The other is, why do you need four different buttons now? One like before would have been far better. Then a general question about damage to the weapons. It almost seems that all weapons have got a nerf. With an AK74u, for example, you have to chase half a magazine into the enemy to die, whereas now people with an RPG are there to give you 10 shots and you're dead. Just like the perks. Double shot is now what everyone should take with him because increased cartridge damage seems to be completely pointless. I find the Prestige system quite nice, but also has a bug. It is sometimes shown invisibly on the scoreboard. You had already announced the P90 nerf, but you can no longer use the weapon, which not only annoys me extremely, but many others who have been there before. The weapon should be nerfed A BIT!, but not so that you can no longer use it. As far as the M21 is concerned, I can't say anything because nobody has been on it yet. Than, a lot of times after i got an Airstrike the Game Crashed. Sometimes the Game crashed after shooting on someone and give him a headshot. I dont know but 18.0 till now is completly unplayable at all.. But I think this update will take the fun out of many players, including me.. After the server got a bit more full i can say something more about the update.. M21 Still kills everyone with 1 shot on 34DMG same as all the other sniper weapons. All mp weapons are totaly unplayable.. Killstreaks complet OP for example: own3d had a higher KDA than an Aimbot on the old mod i think there is nothing more to say. My Idea: take this new mod and use it on another server and bring the old mod back. People who enjoy like 0 Gameplay only strikes go to this server and the rest plays the good old mod Since the main Problem with the m21 isnt fixed anyways so we could continue on the old one. And another thing is the core on the new mod.. its Softcore not even Hardcore it seems.. So after all, its less playable as the little p90 problem was on the old mod. Decide by yourself but the Idea of 2 diffrent servers with 2 diffrent Mods seems to be the best.. (And no, its not only me who doesnt like the Update by far)... And as last but maybe not least, The Prestige System is nice, you should take it into the old mod and i think everything is perfect. Any possibility to get 17.9 back? 18.0 crashed away so many times in shot decays..
  13. $t0rM [=

    Map rotation

    Oh i thought Nuketown should be on the Hardcore Server
  14. $t0rM [=

    Map rotation

    Nuketown with 34 People is pure massacre
  15. $t0rM [=

    Map rotation

    https://gamebanana.com/maps/games/605 If u look for special maps, awesome maps, go to this site maybe you can find some for the server but if i see Toujane in Night Vision or El Matmata of Cod 2 i start getting horney These maps were awesome in CoD 4 i played them so often and i think a lot of people would like them