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    KMB reacted to Kenai in Keeeevin's Ban Appeal   
    Sorry but if you read our Rule for Ban Appeals, it clearly states ' Bans for cheating will NOT be lifted. '
    And I do think that a Permanent ban is more than enough for someone that was caught hacking, Because once a hacker always a hacker in my book
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    KMB reacted to Kenai in alexander.natterer's Ban Appeal   
    Hello, @alexander.natterer
    Thanks for Appealing your Ban, However your nickname at the time was 'lordi' and not 'natey' as for your hacking-
    So the server was full of 'hackers' but you insisted on downloading one just to get 'revenge'? That doesn't make sense to me, You could've just reported them and or recorded a demo and uploaded the proof here on the Forums.
    If you're talking about 'VDK' they don't hack as I've watched them, However I watched you and you had Aimbot, No recoil, Maybe even UAV. But since you fessed up then that means you get a thumbs up from me for admitting you were cheating- However you will not be unbanned due to the fact that you were caught cheating, regardless if you were clean up until now.
    -Ban Appeal Denied
    -IceOps Staff
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    KMB reacted to Mighty Jayster in Report for Like_A_Boss   
    Thanks for the report @KMB!
    IceOps Staff
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    KMB got a reaction from Mighty Jayster in Report for NINJA   
    Players' name:
    NINJA Players' PlayerID:
    2310346613603919581 Server:
    Hardcore HighXP Proof:
    Please describe what happened:
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    KMB reacted to VanZy in Report for NINJA   
    Banned. Thx for report!
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    KMB reacted to VanZy in Report for Ustasa   
    Banned. Thx for report!
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    KMB reacted to VanZy in Report for Like_A_Boss   
    Banned. Thx for report!
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    KMB reacted to ProXicT in HC HighXP server update   

    This thread has now been abandoned for a while and I'd like to ask if someone could shed more light about the status of the upcoming changes mentioned above.
    Is there some new date due to these changes are scheduled?
    Also, I'd like to mention that if there is anything I could help with, feel free to text me.


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    KMB reacted to Kenai in Report for xBit   
    I wouldn’t really call that a glitch as anyone can jump to it. Now if he did the elevator glitch to get ontop of blue building then that would be considered one. But me personally I wouldn’t give a warning or ban.
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    KMB reacted to Rami in Report for xBit   
    its a jump spot not glitch 
    glitching is a lot different from jumpspots that can give you advantage but we have kill cam so easy to kill + you can learn a lot of jump spots on youtube