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Here's the full list of the deathrun maps:


map mp_deathrun_bricky map mp_deathrun_chunk map mp_deathrun_coyote map mp_deathrun_diehard map mp_deathrun_dragonball map mp_deathrun_epicfail map mp_deathrun_framey_v2 map mp_deathrun_iceops map mp_deathrun_hop map mp_deathrun_minecraft map mp_deathrun_semtex map mp_deathrun_texx map mp_deathrun_islands map mp_deathrun_skypillar map mp_deathrun_underworld map mp_deathrun_waterworld map mp_dr_anotherworld map mp_dr_apocalypse_v2 map mp_dr_bananaphone_v2 map mp_dr_bigfall map mp_dr_caelum map mp_dr_darmuh_v2 map mp_dr_deathyard map mp_dr_h2o map mp_dr_jump_hard map mp_dr_jurapark map mp_dr_laboratory map mp_dr_mineshaft map mp_dr_onsea map mp_dr_skydeath map mp_dr_skypower map mp_dr_something map mp_dr_sm_world map mp_dr_terror map mp_dr_tron map mp_dr_turnabout map mp_dr_wicked map mp_dr_worldofmetal map mp_dr_free map mp_dr_blue map mp_dr_mario map mp_deathrun_city map mp_deathrun_easy map mp_deathrun_illusion map mp_dr_antichamber map mp_dr_digital map mp_dr_experts map mp_dr_meatboy map mp_dr_xm map mp_deathrun_flow map mp_deathrun_crystal map mp_deathrun_nighty map mp_dr_ravine map mp_dr_beach map mp_deathrun_industry map mp_dr_boss"

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On 6/13/2016 at 2:53 PM, Jack said:

Thanks Joker i really needed that list because i could hardly remember any.

Not hard :P U nub cheater thats why (Joke) 


Edited by >*ZigZag*<

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